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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We are safely engaged

After 4 years in a relationship, through sweet and bitterness of our life, I thank God that we are finally engaged and hope everything will be fine till the day we step into the marriage life and build our family together. I never expect the engagement running smoothly even I’m a bit shaking like really shaking when my ex-boyfriend so called my fiancée ring my finger. Thanks to all my friends who come and witnessed they ceremony. Some pictures to share.. =)

engagement 011 Early in the morning.. :D

engagement 029 The photographer yaii~

engagement 055 I love cupcake? They just too cute to eat..

engagement 075 Discussion begin..

engagement 134 He is okay.. i’m shaking.. lalala..

engagement 135Everybody like.. tengok sini.. look here.. sini sini.. erk..

engagement 138 *wink*

engagement 168Cutting cake – sikit saja me termakan this cake.. 

engagement 216 Another engagement cake from our side..

engagement 223 My dugong.. Sue kecik & Sebas~ :D Terima kasih kerana datang! Yaii~

engagement 232 Jony & Less come all the way from Papar – Thank u!

engagement 266_sSandakan – Lahad Datu – Papar family – my new family :)

engagement 301A gift from Sue.. ;) Thank u! – Kenyang cake oo..

engagement 358 Bino & Boboi – Wakil the rumbageng~ :D hahah..

p/s: We would like to say thanks again to all who came on that day and all the wishes and prayer from you~ God bless you all~


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

yeay congrats!

colour theme is blue ah? nice! tus tu tiger pun kebetulan warna biru juga.. hehe..

Gallivanter said...

Congratulations! Welcome to the club! :-)

chegu carol said...

congratulations again!
itu perbincangan urg2 tua bah...siok oh tingu, mcm duduk2 di kedai kupi ja. :)

de Engineur said...

Congratulation Girllyen!
Welcome to the club (opsss! not just yet..u'll have to walk the isle to get into it)

HAve a blessed engagement and may He walk you through all the way.

When is the once-in-a-lifetime big day?


Girllyen 'TM' said...

Annie.. Ya kan.. haha.. blue is our fav color kunun..
Gallivanter.. Hahah.. half way to the club~?
Chegu.. ya bah.. haha.. erm.. time tu.. sya baru mau bersiap.. :D
Floyd.. Hi~ 1st time seeing u here.. Erm.. will announce it once we get the date ;) - within 1 year oo.. gulp.

Mell (tsm4) said...

where is my cake? T_T (<- sepa suru nda pandai datang kan).

pixelayers, sue kici even durang less pun datang... waaaa... sa mo jeles tapi tia dpt.

bah girl, buat lagi betunang satu kali lagi. ni kali sa misti datang.

Kris and Nadia said...

Yeahh... congrats :) siok pula ni sya tinguk :) now i knw ur name :) hihi...

NoyIbrahim said...

Laling.... finally got to see ur pics here. so lovely la u with the blue dress ("awak nmpk biru la" :P). again, congrats and happy 4 u *hugs*

Cath J said...

Awwww.... Congrats!!! ^_^

SJB said...

Congratulation again (*_*).

Wah, banyak cake heheh, cukup untuk 1 bulan.

Anonymous said...

Congratz girllyen.. :D

::Sarah:: said...


Claire Cassandra T said...

ah~~ finally you're engaged!!! congrats girl!! (sa senyum2 kenen ni~)

Angel said...

Congratulation! :)

Eleanor said...