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Friday, December 10, 2010

Post 101: Wedding.Chrismas.Holiday

This is the best month of the year, holiday mood, wedding bells, and Christmas is around the corner. I have been busy lately with all the preparation and finishing my annual leave balance. Just a recap on some of the pre-wedding shots done late November and early December.


Casual Pre Wedding
Telca & Victor

LIn San
Milchond & Stephenny

Telca & Victor

Tracy & Rizwan

More photos coming, but I might post in my Facebook Page only. Remember, be safe on the road, home and everywhere. God Bless you~

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Wedding Planner

Beside photography, she plan for wedding as well. :)


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10 Tricks to Budget Travel

Celyn Resort
Celyn Resort, Kundasang Ranau Sabah.
Love to travel, but always have excuses to travel? Stop procrastinating. People often asked me these questions and some even talk about me like these:

1) How do you plan for your own travelling?
2) She got a lot of money, that's why she can travel.
3) Her company provide her a lot of annual leave, I don't even can have one.
4) She is different, I am poor.

Wrong!!! Obviously, I can't control the time ticking. I don't even have time to travel seriously. But I do have time to rest, some annual leave, public holidays and there are times you need a long rest! There are some tricks.

1) Plan your vacation. If you like to travel, it is not necessarily to travel to foreign country, start from your own country first. This will helps you to avoid the feeling of - I'm the only one in this earth who loves travel but never get our of the country. At least, make a record that you have visited all the state in your own country.

2) Earn and save for your dream vacation. Some people they invest their money for the future. Some may die before they can enjoy it. Remember, we can have several accounts. When I was studying, I always have this secret chamber called, the dream and the emergency chamber. The chambers are sort of piggy bank. I save any amount of money in my dream chamber and saves a fix amount in my emergency chamber. So, when I want to go for my dream stuff, for example go to Manukan Island, I will count the money from the Dream chamber, if not enough, then the Emergency chamber will be opened.

3) Work hard and play hard. When you work too hard, you will enjoy your holiday harder because when you work very hard, you will forget the time passed and when it reach your holiday time, you will feel, aaw! It's holiday! And jump for joy. Just be careful not to waste on your money in foreign country.

4) Be smart, sharpen your maths, careful with the exchange rates. This is the first thing you have to consider before visiting other country.

5) Prepare and Surf. Just like wedding, you must have a date first, before you finalized your date, of course you want the good whether, the season, what to avoid during the day in order to make it successful right? Then only you can decide when is your flight dates.

6) Know your destination well. Where are you going? To the beach? Or jungle? Or the city? Or all? You must plan your own itinerary in order not to waste your time in just one place. If you go in group, please be consider not to let other people waiting for you on bargaining for one little thing.

7) Backpacking. This is the best type of budget travel. Google it if you not sure about it. I experienced it in my own country, Singapore and Bali, and I still can say, the internet are my best friend.

8) Look for best packages. Not sure, ask more than 3 people. There is no harm asking and if you felt threaten, avoid asking and move away. Better be safe than sorry. When you ask, be polite and you might get a free package. Who knows. ;)

9) Spend wisely. This is a warning, do not try to spend more than 30% of your budget in your first day, try to minimize your spending. If you feel the souvenir is very cheap, you may buy it but always keep in mind that you still have another day to go and you may need the money for foods, don't die in other country.

10) Emergency kit. Always be prepared. Never spend your last cash in your last day of vacation. You might ended stranded in the airport and unable to go home.

Kuching Sarawak
Waterfront, Kuching, Sarawak.

Chinatown, Singapore
Chinatown, Singapore

Kuta Bali
Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Now that your have the tricks, let's go travelling!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

1 day and a half - the rest out

On 5th of November, I should be playing outside where I end up staying at home the whole day. I am organising my playground and get ready to screw some people. You will received what you should pay off. :) It is a good sign when I don't really stress up people, but it seems I get stressed up if I left my job back. Now that I am back, ready for hell calls, you want it to be tough, I will show you tough.

I am one of the easy going person and the advantage of being me, I don't like to stress up my worker, I love being democratic, improving the weaknesses and let them voice out what they need and what necessary action should be taken. However, there are some colleague are not co-operative this ways, they want things done, get the money, and bring you down. This is not good. Not for me, but the worker, they are not robot. This is not a revenge, but I will make you all suffer and bare in mind, this is not a threat but a treat for the rest. Working class deserved a better life. Management are more lucky because they have brain and able to control everything. A good manager will back up their people and stand out for better. Just like my manager, even he often give a shot headache to us but he know what is going on. Sometime, I felt he is screwing without investigation but who has time nowadays? If you not telling him the problem, you deserved the screwing for free.

Alright, I sound like I have huge problem in the workplace right? Well, not huge actually, there are some people I need to work off them. What actually I did on 5th November 2010? Urm.. Nothing.. There is some.. or more.. I tidy up my room.. that's all.. And did some cooking.. and.. what else? Makes some calls, and texting some people. Hahaha. Yes. I am enjoying my luxury time at my own place. I wake up a bit early on 6 November 2010, still not in mood of going out. My mom called up about 10am and ask where am I and where am I going then ask me whether I want to go to my dad's cousin wedding at Telipok, I had a heavy feeling but I said, okay I should go. Wedding is a wonderful event. In the meantime, Sebastian ask me the same question, so I told him that my mom will be fetching me to a wedding and he said want to follow and I called my mom to meet at wedding only because he picked me up.

It was raining cats and dogs and as we entered the hall. I saw Alexion Mairin the official photographer for the wedding, he is my childhood friend in Kg. Tampulan, and we are born in the same month too. :) There are few photographers that I know, are born in September and it might sound coincidence also because I did read some of the astrology find that people who born in September are good in Art. I am proud when our own people are doing great, involved in healthy activities. I also meet a lot of relatives who I never recognize them. See how beautiful is a wedding? 

Happy Wedding Day


Ladies line up for magagong.. cool!

4.2% Alcohol.. A toast for the bride and groom..

Stella & Christopher
Congratulation Stell & Christopher :)

*Somehow somewhere, I miss someone..

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Deepavali and Updates!

Sorry for being lazy, well, I had too much cheesy stuff these days and my weight *coughing*, please don't ask. Never mind, I will have 5 hours badminton training today and I might had bone pains after that. I don't mind if I had to die with it. Are you nuts? Of course I will not dare to die. I'm sitting down on the floor right now and thinking. What should I do today? Babagon River? Deepavali celebrate at Vita's house? Or stay at home and waiting for the badminton time? My brain are not functioning very well these days. I have been skipping some of my important task and been screwed by my manager. It's not a good sign you know, been screwed and stab by your own colleague are not an easy part. You are trying your best to organise everything while the nothing-to-do people are busy trying to condemn you down. Well, I believe in karma, no matter how hard you try it will bang to you back. You'll see. :)

Where are the photos that I took weeks ago? You thought I'm bluffing that I have tonnes of photography stuff in a day? No, I will not say it if I don't do it. I'm not like some people who talking craps but have nothing and end up with loneliness. Life is tough but I know it's simple and you just have to discipline yourself to get through it. Usually people talk about work in terms of money or gaining something that pay the living. But, there is much more in it than earning living. There must be something in it which is more than mere toil or sweat.

Love, unfortunately, has become one of the most misunderstood and confused words in any language. Some see it only as desire and satisfaction. Others treat love seems synonymous with sex. Love is really like life, so varied in its expression and so rich in manipulation that one has to be fully alive in order to understand the meaning of love. Congratulations to those who getting married this year and wish you all the best of luck in future and treat a marriage is the best thing that happen in life.

Happy Wedding Day
Jester and Gloria Wedding @ Papar

Jester & Gloria
Officially Yours~
Jester & Gloria
You'll be feed up all the years.. Get ready to put on weight.. LOL.. Congratulations!

Personal Portraiture in Tg. Aru - Lita

& May

Thank you to the supportive friends!

Kg. Nelayan
And end up with the Masters of UiTM dinner..

The B7 was cancelled off and it was the non stoppable day shooting of the month.

With the busy stuff around, I have a plan with Bicik aka Arleen to come up with a project. To know more about it. Will shout out once the blog up! ;) We need your support and spread the love. :D

Friday, October 29, 2010

Full day booked!

I'm going to wake early as 4am in the morning to catch sunrise at Papar, for the actual wedding photo shoot. Then head to Tg. Aru Beach again in the late afternoon for another portraiture photo shoot. After that, head to Kampung Nelayan for another photo shoot task. Last, would end at B7 for a farewell party. Just slap me if I didn't see you. I will give you a slap too~ :D Enjoy your weekend peeps. I love October but it almost end.

The lights that attract me..

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where am I? Dunno.

I have been busy like usual and lazy to update my precious blog. Frankly, I have no time to update and really need to boost up this time. For a million time, somebody please trust me I will never be lazy again. Cross finger! Now what? Yes, what's the story babe?? If you dare to read on, go ahead. Bare in mind, some photos are dangerous. Do not post it without my permission or you'll be dead! Just kidding.

Are you notice that I have spelling mistake in the picture?
Basically, I'm reorganizing my stuff start from my photos collection. It is painful to look for your last photos where namely DSC# or SDC# or IMG#. How I wish can simply put 'My friends Wedding' in the search box and the machine will look for it. Hilarious isn't it? Well, start yours if you have not doing so, it may help you to organize your time wisely. :) - Another free tips from

the hidden waterfall
I'm doing my own waterfall hunting - this waterfall called Burung Anon Waterfall located at Kg. Tampulan. Telipok.
Beside photography, I also love outdoor activities, I don't mind walk or crawling in the jungle, I don't mind if I had to tide up on a rock and climb up the trees but if you ask me to dive Sipadan Island, I'm sorry, I have no license to dive yet. So, all divers please stay away from me! You all making me want to dive illegally! :D

Say and Promote peace for the world.
You didn't get it right? Well, I'm a bit confuse though. I met AJ at B2.0 Dinner Preview with Sabahan Bloggers and personally I like his style, cool and bald. He is super knowledgeable person so far that I know, or maybe I am far way back knowing what is happening around me? Most probably that is the reason. Other side of the story, I met Rob Angeles, the founder and author of Social Media Philippines. He bumped into this blog few years ago and from photography we interact each other through YM and learn from a cup of coffee to the reality of life. Unfortunately, I have been offline from YM and start connecting via FB only and so far that I know he is working in US. Thanks to Dinoza for giving us the opportunity to meet up again in Sabah and 2 weeks before the event, I turn on my YM and chat with him. I was surprised that he is in Manila, Philippines now and I felt that I really lost my own track with my friends. Hence, I am sorry if I had neglected and honestly, I am not intended to do so.

Rob Angeles - A man of every woman's dream? Or he is dreaming he is a woman?

Found Jeff in here too. My goodness, I still remember when we met at Karamunsing long time ago and you were caught wet because of the rain that time..

Do you mind if I said, this photo can be a 3 stooges with less hair?

Preview Dinner
And so the group photo of the night. Thank you to Imperial International Hotel and the roof for this great dinner.
What's with B2.0? To know more, see for yourself, get the experience and get the knowledge and power of blogging. :) Visit Borneo Bloggers.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today is 2010-2010=0

I'm expecting my news feed next week will be lots photos of 24th Mt. Kinabalu International Climbathon.. Borneo Safari.. or maybe Pesta Gong Matunggong.. While I will be at Kg. Tampulan for our 2nd years of my beloved Daddy death anniversary.. Life is tough now.. but I'm glad to have my fiancee with me. We share every part of our life together and that's how our love grows deeper. I hope God will not take him before me.

Last week, I went to Borneo Birds Festival on road trip together with Sebastian and Arleen. There only laughter along our journey and sweet memories to keep though it is not healthy to have fun. At Sandakan, for the first time, I saw a the giant squirrel witness together with my fiancee. I love enjoying nature with the love one. Frankly, I love a person who into nature. :)

Back to KK is pathetic. I have lots of assignment to catch up and tonnes of problems to solve. My fiancee just solve one of my huge problem today and I need to plan for the better future. So, November and December would be tougher for us. This is what in a relationship should do. To young girls out there, love your guys the way they are and if you love them for the sake of living only, you are wrong, but I don't blame you because I have the feeling too long time ago when I had to take care of everything. When comes things like this, they are the one who will be there for you no matter how far are they.

Have faith, be loved, and take care of them.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Come to Borneo Bird Festival 2010

Faith without works is like a bird without wings; though she may hop with her companions on earth, yet she will never fly with them to heaven. The true story is a bird faith to be live longer if we take good care of their habitat. The birds fate is in our hand. There are few birds that are dangerously endangered species which need our help to keep them safe so our youngster can get get to know them. For a good start, come join us this weekend! Do not missed this opportunity to flirt with birds, get the best gear to shoot without hurting the birds, and of course learn about the birds watching basics and equipment. Please refer below for more details:

The Borneo Bird Festival will be held at the Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC), Sepilok Sandakan, Sabah. This event will take place from 15 - 17 October 2010. The RDC is a centre for environmental education situate within the famous Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve.

For the birding enthusiasts there will be photography competition, the Borneo Bird Race, daily guided birding tour, childrens' activities and many more exciting programs at the Festival.

There are minimal fees to attend the Lectures, Workshops and Guided tours. Due to limited capacity, do register early to avoid disappointment.

Borneo Birds Links

Monday, October 11, 2010

Do you notice that?

Do u? Do u notice that I have stop writing about my days after I return from Bali. Well, I'm back and sitting in front typing with a lots of words in my head are ready to spill it out. I'm thinking of posting it one by one but I will save time and conserved more space for my cup of coffee right next to me. Here it goes:-
(Warning: There are 12 images in this post)

17 September 2010

I woke up early in the morning and had my super duper express breakfast and head the office. There was no fun of going to the office after a long holiday, especially when u just arrived last night with your spirit left in other places. However, a workaholic will die if they end up doing nothing. After work, I run to Taman Penampang for another photoshoot. A cute baby name Hazzel and her gorgeous mom and friends. It was cheeky and fun doing photoshoot with the baby and her mom's best-friends. And had our dinner at Mc Donald that night. Our means, Bert and I.

Hazzel Goh

3 beauty

18 September 2010

After a late night sleep, I have to wake in a rush again to my best friend's engagement at Kg. Tampulan Telipok. Took the preparation and get done with all the arrangement and the ceremony. Had my meals and I had my sleep at her house with no permission. LOL. Sorry diq, I was so tired and really need that sleeps.
Congratulation to both of you!

19 September 2010

It's my day, but I spend the whole day in my room and enjoy my mom's cook in our house at Tampulan. Every year, I will share this big day with my youngest brother, so, we have something in common, manja and stubborn. We had our dinner at Kingfisher before leaving everyone, I mean, we stay in a different house so after dinner, we head to each other houses. Funny yet this is reality. Money can buy house but it will not buy family. Although we are not staying together but we always remember each other safety and health. On my way home, Jessie pick me from my apartment and went to Texas & Grill. Watch Liverpool lose to MU and they insist me to drop Cocoon. Jessie set up a surprise birthday and in conjunction of her birthday on 20th as well, we end up celebrate it together.
Happy Birthday To us:D

20 September 2010

Jessie on leave, I am working.

24 September 2010

Rumah terbuka Didin. Yeay! Eat rice twice and uncountable cakes. My pants koyak. LOL. Thank you for inviting us and I really like the cheese cake, cheesy and yummy!
Raya Didin
Thank you din!

25 September 2010

Pixelayer hang out at Tg. Aru Beach with the beautilful sunset. Too bad, Nixie and her cousin missed the sunset, it suppose to be their photoshooting which ended Pixelayer gone wild with sunset on the beach.
This is blasting!

26 September 2010

Kasih Sayang day with Pixelayer. I cook for lunch and we went to Kasih Sayang and didn't manage to soak ourselves in the MILO waterfall of Kionsom. We should aware that it was raining heavily and people seldom go to the waterfall during rainy season.

Gulai Asam Pedas by me

Kasih Sayang Kionsom
Kasih Sayang and Kionsom
30 September 2010

Another photoshoot with Flo Yen, she is so calm even this is her first time had shooting. Thank you for the support and your trust into our works. After all done, we head to Tg. Aru shop lots and had our dinner in one of the restaurant. Can't remember the shop name but the food quite good.

Flo Yen
Flo Yen photo shoot~
1 October 2010

Danial and Pakcik Stan are the new member of Pixelayer. Congratulation and thank you for your supports!

2 October 2010

Time flies high. It's October and I have a lot of work and task to do. However, I manage to attend my colleague wedding after organising Sabah Drivers Forum at Imperial International Hotel.
Charles & Drivers
Congrats to both event

3 October 2010

Patrick is back from Sarawak and Nancy had to leave Sabah again. I get some chocolate from Nancy and kueh lapis Sarawak and a key chain from Patrick, thank you so much! I couldn't say much, both of your are really good friends.

4 October 2010

Ever heard of Nasi Padang Ibu in Jesselton? I wonder how it taste because I only had a cup of hot lemon drink from them. And manage to get some shots from Jesselton. Not much, just share some of the tips and down to Danial only.
Jesselton Point
Jesselton Point

9 October 2010

Forklift training and resting after that.
Forklift training

101010 - binary code is 42 or 10 October 2010

Jimmy's sister engagement and my bestfriend engagement also but I overslept so I didn't manage to catch up his engagement. I went to Papar with the loyal Pixelayerions and enjoy the rain.

Congrats to Jimmy's sister
11 October 2010

I am so sleepy and I am going to take my shower now.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Last day in Bali and KL, hello KK!

Ngurah Rai
Goodbye Bali..

This is the reason why I dont like to waste time because in the nick of time I have to leave all my days in Bali and back to my hometown again. 4 days and 4 nights in Bali is not enough for me. How I wish I could take 1 month leave and spend a month in Bali and explore every part of Bali. I love Bali more than Singapore, but my hometown always the best place ever.

Wake up at 3am, the Tune Hotel transporter was waiting for me at 3.30am, checked out and arrived Ngurah Rai airport before Merl's group. The airport was so silence, and I can't see any shops or counter open. There was AirAsia counter half open but only few staff with red suit inside, probably they just about to open the counter. Not really, they close the counter after half an hour.

In Malaysia, the Air Asia counter open really early, so I don't surprise most of the Malaysian were panic when the counter has already closed even 2 hours before the departure. I saw some of the foreigner sleeps at the airport floor and personally I love to sleep at the airport but have to bare with your own safety after all. The check-in counter open about 4.30am. Reminder: please print our your itinerary or your ticket before you check in at Bali, they want to see it on a paper.

QZ AirAsia
Safely Reach KL

The airport were hot because the air-condition was off. We had to fan ourself using anything that can produce air and waiting at departure hall. Boarding time around 05:30am, after the guest assistant collect our tickets, I saw Air Asia BUS, I entered the bus and look at people faces. Don't panic, they only pick us up and send up the plane hub and we get up the plane safely. The hospitality in QZ8391 were great. The stewardess also so pretty! For your information, Bali and Malaysia time are same. No difference in our time. No need to change your watch. Arrive Kuala Lumpur at 8:30am, early than expected. Take our bag in luggage collection area then I head to Coffee Bean. Had 1 Black Forest Mocha (regular) with cream and 1 scone (RM15.60+Rm4.60= RM20.20) Don't ask, I don't like to waste money but for food anything can happen.

Day in Putrajaya
Last day in KL

While Merl's group head to KL, I enjoy my meals and wait for Mus. Around 10am, he arrived and let me sit inside his luxury car. He brought me around Putrajaya and had his breakfast and my lunch at Nando's Putrajaya. After that, we went to Lowyat Plaza passed the SMART tunnel. Back to the airport around 2pm and had some drinks with him at MarryBrown before check in and enter the departure hall. I left Kuala Lumpur at about 1730 hrs and reach Kota Kinabalu 2000 hrs.
Heading KK

Sebastian fetch me up on that night and we drop at Tg. Aru plaza to share on my experience and the excitement of joyful trip. Around 9pm, we left Tg. Aru and head to Padang Merdeka to catch fireworks in conjuction of Malaysia Day held in KK. Unfortunately, as we walk up to the field, all the fireworks already fired up. Boom bang and a little frustration in my heart but Bali always in my mind.
Malaysia Day

Fireworks gone, but friendship still remain. Sebastian, Laine, Danial, Pakcik Stan and I meet up at Restaurant Seri Selera if I'm not mistaken at Kg. Air near Sedco. Share a big plate of mee goreng tuaran, nasi goreng and 2 other dishes from Hua Hing Seafood Restaurant. All cost RM89 (Beverages: RM20, Foods: RM69) for 5 persons. Average food price for KK. About 11pm, dinner done, story done, sleepy head come. Arrived home safely and sleep about 2pm. Tired and back to work the next day.
Hari Malaysia