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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The boat and the mountain

I went to Shangri La Tanjung Aru yesterday and I never thought that I could catch the Kinabalu Mountain from there. This view remind me of the song The birds and the trees.. Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees, the moon up above, and the thing called love~ try to sing like this.. "Let me tell u bout the boat and the hills.. and the mountain and the seas.. the cloud up above.. and the thing called love~" Sounds good too right?

The boat and the mountain

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rest In Peace - Aaron Prabha

It was fine saturday morning, I woke quite early today. I went to clean up myself and dress up. I'm thinking of reading some of the updated blog. I accidentally stumble upon to Elayne's Blog.. and found out that Aaron has been called by God on 28th January 2010. I cried as I heard the news, no wonder he no longer updating his blog months ago. He is a 21 years old and had a stroke. In a young age, he did survived this 3 years and yet fight and share about his pain through his blog. He is a good looking guy, plays music, and a very patient guy with his funny sense. Why good man always left us in the young age? Sad, but I hope he met my dad in heaven and enjoy laughing with their own jokes. I really hope that if I die, I will meet my dad again and told him that I missed him very much and hug him and never let go! I hope he never forget me when we met in the future. I will told all the people I know who already left us what is happening after they left us.
Aaron Prabha - Sadly be missed and remembered..
Aaron Prabha
* Ex All Saint, Likas, Kota Kinabalu *
* Further his degree in Multimedia University *
* Friendly, funny & cool guy *
* Plays music, bassist & enjoy music *
If I wrongly provide about Aaron Prabha details.. Do let me know and I will correct it accordingly..
Aaron Prabha
Aaron on the left - photo by xrothe

Dear Lord,
Eternal rest, grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.
May his soul of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.
Condolence to Aaron Prabha Family
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Friday, January 29, 2010

What is a home without children?

What is a home without children? Quiet. I was browsing my old photos and caught some of the photos with Indai aka Charlotte Grace, daughter of Calvin & Olivia my cousin. All the photos were taken on 24/01/2009, look at the post Make Myself Happy, she is growing fast! May God bless their family with the appearance of Indai. ;) Love all the innocent kids! However, kids cannot be trusted nowadays.

Kid = Happy

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Restart again

I just finished updated my blogroll list, the whole list was gone so in order to get all back, I had to google out my blog url and found my blog in some of the blogs. If I missed yours, just drop me a note and I will update accordingly.
Crazy little hat
This photo taken by one the the hentai subordinates. With the hero hentai hand.

I'm going home soon. Can't wait.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's get cranky!

Cranky means, irritable or full of spirit, which means, I irritate with my pictures and look what I have done to these photos? Well, I just polishing my editing part as one of the hentai subordinates says that my editing is sucks and I guess I need to rebuild what I have missed lately. So, I might randomly doing this kind of cranky project for the next post of my blog, any comment, you are most welcome to drop by.
Sue Thien
[Original Photo]

Sue Thien [Watercolor]
[Sue - Watercolor]

Original Picture
[Original photo]

Infrared Effect
[Infrared version]

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Somebody is looking over my photos

MV Doulos

I never knew that my collections of photos did grab attention to one of my friend's wife. They approach and ask about the price of the photos, I don't trade but since they like it, finally I sold with 1 printed copy each with their own frame. I am so grateful and million of thanks to DJ Langau as well. I felt appreciation. But, Nikon-san might need to visit the doctor soon. Might missed out from some of the event lately but don't worry, Samsung-san did help me on many things as well.

Star Ship?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tired. Tension. And I'm thirsty.


I received one email with the subject of "MENGAPA KRISTIAN BERIYA-IYA INGIN NAK GUNA NAMA ALLAH????" which makes me hurt a bit, why need to say like this? Why? Why need to highlight that we are "beriya-iya" like we are dying or desperate to use the word while we are taught through the bible and as a human being we suddenly need to follow some human rights? Why should they raised the bible or other religion articles in such situation? Why make us more confuse? Why not raise some question like why we still have poor people living in the city? Or maybe why the KK road no quality? Or when will our city be very clean? Well, in the email forwarded, I reply to all that is sound exactly like this.

*Greetings from KK :)

When I was a kid, my teacher teach me about not to fight, respect each other, helping our neighbours, but they also taught me to aware the latest issue. Somehow, the teacher did taught me to stand out and fight for you’re right, that was the beginning of Education ruin me. And the facts of we are born intelligent but education ruin us are strongly agreed. I'm wondering, why the people want to stress up themselves with all this issue? Aren't theyhave any work to do like us? Or maybe that is their job & responsibility, to make us hate each other and let the world know that we are famous with all the violence and never thought of a peaceful community.

Tired. Tension. And I'm thirsty.

1Malaysia is FAIL. 1Borneo punya bangunan pun mau rosak sudah. Tinggal 1TAN MIEN, 1Derful Me, 1More Crazy Issue. And I 1To Vomit sudah.*

Let the music heals your soul

Bebas beragama? Bebas kena tangkap juga. Kesian. I want peace bah.. PEACE.. PLEASE.. Peace peace peace.. Stomachache.. *I miss my dear*

Monday, January 18, 2010

Yam Seng!

It's a traditional way of a wedding~ I went to Magdonny & Liza wedding last Saturday, 9th January 2010. I should be going to Babagon to beat all the mosquitoes and watch the wet people with the hentai hero and his subordinates. As people says, no money no talk, no car how to go? So, I follow what my mom plans. I get ready while sms-ing the hentai subordinates that I'm not going and will try going which I think that I'm a young and hopeless. While driving heading to the wedding reception at KDCA, the young girl who owns the voice of seductive girls in one of the hentai hero collection call me, ask direction of the best & cheapest food she ever visited which I brought her before. Instead of showing direction, I ask them whether they want to join us for free food? After agreed, we heading the food for life and enjoy the yam cha and grandma's talk!
My Blog story

I guess they all forget about the hentai as my grandma talks more powerful than it. We left the wedding to give way the late guests to see the bride and groom and drop at 1Borneo hypermall for another yam seng. I mean, Yam Cha. We have, I do not want to talk about food this time as my clock shows 02:24 AM in the morning. I should go to bed now but before that, try to say the bag color below, if you accidentally read the words, my advice is, take a rest, stop FaceBooking, because you are officially stress. :)

What color are you?
The guy is one of the hentai hero subordinates.

Good night everyone, the mad cow should be sleeping by now.
My blog stories
I mean, the cow need to sleep. I will be mad if I'm still blogging now.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Behind the scene - Pre Wedding Nerusy & Epfliter

Just a quick update on behind the scene on our last pre wedding done by the pixelayerion~ Here, I also want to promote *a bit* of our blog, will update all the pictures by today and hope everyone like it! :) Happy wednesday! *Chuckles* I'm on leave again today. Yummy!

May God bless you two always~ ;)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Can Facebook do that?

Through FB, I meet new friends, some of them come and introduce very well to me up to the point giving their numbers to me which I think it's not necessary. Some of them making friends as to expand their business but I hope they will not trade their own friends through FB though the Friends for Sale application was fun. *Giggles* Nevertheless, I also heard that friends quarreling through FB by removing them, and even in some relationship. FB reflects the real life, people seldom talks and come upfront, they prefer SMS or FaceBooking itself. I wonder what will happen if suddenly the world blackout, no electricity at all. I might be nuts as well. And I also wondering, from my friends list how many people personally know me? And I'm yet to accept those request yet. I hope, FB will spread Love and Peace to us and Destroy Hatred and War. Can FaceBook do that? Wishing all my friends a happy day and all the best in whatever you do. *I hope it's not too late to say.. Happy new year 2010* [Chuckles]. I'm running out of time. I hope you always remember me no matter what happen.

friend list
Current Friends List numbers..3784 (4D Lucky draw perhaps? :D)

And yet.. I still have 385 friends request..

*Don't get mad if I'm a bit slow to respond*

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nikon is adventure and adventure is me

I come across to Jollence blog and amaze with his post about "Why shoot with Nikon", and have a look at Dan Newton's blog and see what actually he meant by that. You will see a Nikon D3 (Price range about RM16k plus for body only) with full of mud!

Picture courtesy of Dan Newton's

And look what Fielding Cathcart say "While photographing a foot race that had a little mud pit, I decided to go big, or go home! I set up on the corner of the pit, and stuck it out the whole time. afterwards, I think I was photographed just as much as the runners. Believe it or not, after a little TLC the camera now looks brand new, what can I say, its a Nikon." Nevertheless, I still feel that they are crazy! I never thought it would be damn tough. I love adventure and adventure is Nikon. Thank you Nikon!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Congrats to Nerusy & Efpliter

The pixelayerions did a pre wedding for Nerusy and her fiancee Efpliter at Likas on 20th December 2009, and I would like to take this opportunity to congrats both of them on their wedding on 28th December 2009 at Kota Belud, Sabah. The pre wedding package includes banner, 8R x 10 printed pictures, 10R picture with frame and softcopy of their photos, where we manage to get all done in 4 days before they heading back to Kota Belud. I would like to say thanks to my brother Roy for helping me out to send the pictures for printing as well. Best wishes to all!


Chuckles For You :D

It has been so very long time I didn’t update my precious blog. *chuckles* Well, despite of being busy and doing report and photography, I actually did enjoy my last Christmas and very grateful to have such a loving family and my fiancée with me. Life after engagement is a good thing, because I learn the naked truth of give and take, respect and listen. Wise on spending and live on.
New toy
*my new toy*

So, what’s the story behind all the busy moment? On 16th December 2009, the Pixelayer is covering Nexus Karambunai Staff’s annual dinner for the first time. Thank you to Suraya and all the staff of Nexus Karambunai, it was fun and we did till the last drop of our battery.
Anime Fest
Their theme was "Anime Fest"

The gorgeous emcee and Suraya~

The best dress man

Frog princess
The best dress woman

Then on the 18th December 2009, it was holiday and the plan is going out with Jessie to make our uniform but unfortunately my car broke down in front of Warisan Square. It was jammed heavily and I made the jam even worst. Please accept my apology if you were there. Thanks to the taxi driver who I didn’t get the chance to know their names, Ryan for checking me out and Bobby to help me on searching available workshop during the day. It was so tiring but I still manage to fetch Sebastian & Kuai and heading to Ondu crib in Luyang Perdana for the Advance Christmas gathering.

That's Kuai.. ;)

The carols~

Christmas Gift is a must! :)

I worked on 19th December 2009, so no pictures taken during the day. More updates coming ;)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Holiday like 2 week with 7 days annual leave

I just want to make a short update here that I will try to apply 7 days leave so I can travel in 16 days..

How to go for a two week tour by just taking 7 days annual leave?
See answer here!