Nikon is adventure and adventure is me

I come across to Jollence blog and amaze with his post about "Why shoot with Nikon", and have a look at Dan Newton's blog and see what actually he meant by that. You will see a Nikon D3 (Price range about RM16k plus for body only) with full of mud!

Picture courtesy of Dan Newton's

And look what Fielding Cathcart say "While photographing a foot race that had a little mud pit, I decided to go big, or go home! I set up on the corner of the pit, and stuck it out the whole time. afterwards, I think I was photographed just as much as the runners. Believe it or not, after a little TLC the camera now looks brand new, what can I say, its a Nikon." Nevertheless, I still feel that they are crazy! I never thought it would be damn tough. I love adventure and adventure is Nikon. Thank you Nikon!