Tired. Tension. And I'm thirsty.


I received one email with the subject of "MENGAPA KRISTIAN BERIYA-IYA INGIN NAK GUNA NAMA ALLAH????" which makes me hurt a bit, why need to say like this? Why? Why need to highlight that we are "beriya-iya" like we are dying or desperate to use the word while we are taught through the bible and as a human being we suddenly need to follow some human rights? Why should they raised the bible or other religion articles in such situation? Why make us more confuse? Why not raise some question like why we still have poor people living in the city? Or maybe why the KK road no quality? Or when will our city be very clean? Well, in the email forwarded, I reply to all that is sound exactly like this.

*Greetings from KK :)

When I was a kid, my teacher teach me about not to fight, respect each other, helping our neighbours, but they also taught me to aware the latest issue. Somehow, the teacher did taught me to stand out and fight for you’re right, that was the beginning of Education ruin me. And the facts of we are born intelligent but education ruin us are strongly agreed. I'm wondering, why the people want to stress up themselves with all this issue? Aren't theyhave any work to do like us? Or maybe that is their job & responsibility, to make us hate each other and let the world know that we are famous with all the violence and never thought of a peaceful community.

Tired. Tension. And I'm thirsty.

1Malaysia is FAIL. 1Borneo punya bangunan pun mau rosak sudah. Tinggal 1TAN MIEN, 1Derful Me, 1More Crazy Issue. And I 1To Vomit sudah.*

Let the music heals your soul

Bebas beragama? Bebas kena tangkap juga. Kesian. I want peace bah.. PEACE.. PLEASE.. Peace peace peace.. Stomachache.. *I miss my dear*