I went to Sarawak again

For the 4th time.. I did visit Kuching again.. ;) And come back with full of hope, brighter future and will share the good news I gain from it some other time. Well, I know I sound weird a bit after reaching KK yesterday. With a little of Kuching accent, I thank to the hentai hero for his kindness to fetch us from the airport. I talked a lot and I'm very glad that the hentai hero didn't feel bad after all. I'm kinda missing the other hentai subordinates too. But I'm very sorry, I didn't have much time to do some small shopping from Kuching as a gift for the rest like always but I did took some pictures for us to miss Kuching. Hope you like the night photo taken at Waterfront, Kuching.

Waterfront @ Kuching Sarawak.

Oh, I'm a good friend with Zheng Ho too! Look, we did high 5! LOL.

I met Laksamana Cheng Ho and We high 5!