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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My 2010 Prediction

Cost living: Higher
Salary: Might need to pay all the electricity upon doing overtime
Bonus: To pay the income tax
Travel expenses: Had to work hard or doing part time job for travel
Food & Beverages: No more good food, instant noodle sharing for two.
Sports: Jogging only, lack of sleep will make u die fast, so, no exercise, sleep well.
College: Failing subject will make the college rich
Internet connection: Underwater cable broke down
Fuel: Politics complication
Faith: Have faith and hope.

Summary, life is like that.



kuai said...

hahaha.. yeh, we need 7 hours sleep/day.. mari p bersiar2 di tasik likas.. mcm lambat pula terbenam tu matahari sekarang.. ;)

NoyIbrahim said...

i think u forgot something...

ur big day? :P

sweet-girlicious said...

omg!!!! i like the orange created like that...very creative!!

Girllyen 'TM' said...

kuai.. buli.. sya mau pigi jogging saja la.. haha.. buli??
fionz.. i like them too.. but too bad.. semua sudah sya makan..

fred78nk said...

buli tahan ko punya prediction... harap-harap indalah berlaku mcm tu..ahaha

NoyIbrahim said...

hahahhaha.. u should include that :P

btw, baru sa perasan tu limau .. cute :D

SJB said...

Hahaha.. this is funny.

MadarCh said...

ahhh..those cute orens suddenly give me some inspiration... :)