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Friday, February 26, 2010

Night define me

I am not very sure why, but I have sleeping problem. So, night is me I guess. Thanks for lighting me in the dark.
Night is me


sHeiLa said...

i had sleeping disorder long time ago..But since my work require me to wake up before 6.00am, i have to fix it..

Try not to sleep during the day and exercising might help :)

SJB said...

Cantik oh, di mana ni?.

Girllyen 'TM' said...

Sheila.. thanks! U know what.. i will try the exercise part.. but.. no time oo.. haha..
SJB.. waterfront.. kk.. just in front of hyatt regency.. ;D

mustaffa said...

Renungan yang sangat jauh tu ba!