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Monday, March 29, 2010

A good start to stay healthy

I had a very back pain recently, so bad till I had to force myself to wake up every morning. I realized that it caused headache and lack of focus on my work too. Could it be stress? I should went to see the doctor. However, I didn't. I Google out ‘5 quick to Help Prevent Back Pain’ and put on a vows on each of the points. The points will help me figure out what should I do in the future.

#1 - Get up and get moving - Exercise. The best cure of all is getting wet as sweat. Jogging and cycling is the best cure for me. I need to put in my schedule again and get it done wisely.

#2 - See your doctor - My last check up was, I can't even remember. It is a sign that I didn't visit the doctor. Will be going by tomorrow. Need to start fasting tonight and ready with doctor's advice.

#3 - Lose weight - Obviously, I am overweight. Will note this down and ask the doctor what I should do with it.

#4 - Good posture - Stop lazing by putting on my chin on the table might help me. Keep smiling and be more elegant.

#5 - Rest easy and properly - I'm going to look for a new mattress. And sleep at least 8 hours start from now.

It's easy and I should be thankful to the internet and will start to be healthy again. ;) As a good start, as planned, I went to visit my better half and enjoy the weekend with him. He is adorable as always and we spent the weekend very wisely. He even caught me sleeping while he was driving in his car. Surprisingly, I have no problem sleeping when we are together rather than those days back at home.

Over the weekend, at Friday night, I went out with Merl, Bert and Fanny at Fong Ip, Gaya Street. I bought a new laptop, an Acer series. I am very satisfied with my new laptop though a bit awkward as I already familiar with touch screen type of laptop. Back to basic not a big problem as well. Then, I plan to stay at Cahaya Bridal on Friday night, but I didn’t inform them earlier and end up sleeping at KKIA the whole night. Glad Bert has a kind hearted and accompanying me a while before leaving and left me all alone wait for my flight at 7 in the morning. I had to be awake to make sure all my things are safe. There were few of people of sleeps at the airport seats, but I was worried as I have Nikon and Acer in hand that could not made me fall asleep.

Checked in at 5.30 am and ready to fly to Lahad Datu, some friends did text me and ask me where did I go eventually? Well, my answer now is Lahad Datu. It was a good therapy for a distance relationship, and the recipe is get engaged first. Then, you may enjoy the happiness of being together and the power of give and take. I reach about 8am and he already at the airport waiting for me. Both of us still have the nervous feeling though it’s been 4 years and more months being together. Thanks to the patient and love that grows within us. We had breakfast together and unpack my bags after that. We enjoy eating and sightseeing while holding hands throughout Lahad Datu. It was the best weekend of the month. In fact, we went to the church together for blessings.

Happy moment ended too fast. Today, I’m home and facing the four blank walls again. Luckily, KK bless with heavy rains. Indeed, I saw one accident and heard another one accident happen today. Be careful on the road especially in rainy season.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm not feeling well..

Since I sold out my current laptop, everything turns upside down, after the hand over of my HP touch to his new master, that night I had an accident, yea, like a real accident. I sleep while I'm driving; I nearly hit the road lamp. Thank God, I wake up on the spot and could save my life before hitting the lamp though my rim slightly damaged just some scratch and bruises on it. After reaching home, clean up done, I heard the door was opened and what do you expect people to come as early as 2am? It was my mom and my youngest brother. He had an accident too. Injured and went to hospital for treatment, thank God he still can walk and talk like normal. However, his right arms was.. urgh.. Can’t say much. It looks bad on me.
Before and after the accident.. :D

The next day, I have no choice but to wake early. I went for a haircut with *him. To be more specific, I had a new hair-do. It took me about 4 hours in the saloon with him. After all done, he went to fetch Zobas and I heading to the our *playground to assist Kuai. We have client to capture and we ended with smile on our faces. I'm glad that everything turns good even it was disaster the day before. I will rest from updating photos at the moment due to small issue. Will update once it solved.

*need love..xoxo..

Friday, March 19, 2010


Girllyen Own Studio House. This idea pop up when I heard somebody says 'GOSH' through our recent meeting. I change my mind on renting out my apartment and start to plan for GOSH project. Why go studio? There are several points that let my eyes open and create the opportunity for myself to build a studio for my own. This studio would be more to be like my current digital room. Instead of having dark room in my house, why don't I just play around with my own studio right? Other reason would be, I need to be home all the time, reduce all the driving stress, car maintenances and fuels, time consuming, and the entire unnecessary walk at shopping malls.

Where should I start? Selling my laptop is my starting point. I'm going to take a new desktop. This is to let my self come back on my digital room. Next would be the Nippon paint shop, not to buy the shop but I'm going to buy some white color wall paint, I need about 2 cans of 5 liter paint so I don't have much trouble for my backdrop later. Next would be a UV curtain, to prevent the unnecessary sunlight during the day. I have this curtain already the only thing I need is to install the rail on top to hang the curtain.

Light is the most important thing to put in a studio, am I right photographers? I might look for Cold light for the room first before getting a hot or warm light. Reflectors and strobes will be next. I am not rushing over this project, as my apartment needs some renovation at the moment. I hope the GOSH project will be fully accomplished in November 2010. Therefore, I can start my ‘Naked Food Story’ portfolio, ‘Be still attack’ portfolio and ‘Girllyen 365 degree” portfolio in the year of 2011.

Black & White
Strives for success, never lose hope even your heart is breaking.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm not lazy I just don't have much time

color me
Color me if you care..

I'm not creating excuses, but I really really do not have much time for editing photos. I'm very sorry if I made u disappointed. I just prefer whatever comes out from my camera because it saves more time, so I can just upload it. Maybe a bit of editing like resize it would be fine - I have no problem because I already make it into 1 action through Photoshop.

He is Clifford Jeffrey :)
Canon Monster

I caught the sun again yesterday with Cliff the Canon Shutter who ended learning silhouette and turn to be my model. Thanks for everything and sorry I could not share a lot of photography stuff yesterday. Looking forward for next session though.

Sun Again
I'm glad to see the sun and clouds again here..

Again, my digital room might face some problem after my laptop sold. I'm back to kg to take my laptop boxes and all the stuff from the first time I bought with the laptop. I will say goodbye to my HP TX series this Saturday and all the memories with this laptop will remain in my heart.

He will get his new master soon.. :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beautiful Labuan Competition?

I saw this information from Fred's Nk Blog telling that there is a photography competition organised by Petronas Methanol Labuan and open to all Malaysian but only for Labuan resident only. Well, it's a good chances to all the photographers in Labuan. Dateline: 19th March 2010. So, you still have like 3 days to shoot.


Last week, I was in Labuan too for business trip and I did take that chance to meet new friend who love taking photos as well. They are Ezzu (my Labuan bestie), Nenn & Zap. Thanks to Nenn & Zap for being such supporting mates. *psst - they are driving the best car in Labuan..


* Can't say much, indeed, all I know is I'm happy to share the knowledge with them. ;) Hidup Nikon. Ahaks. Will see the Canonian tomorrow. :D

*sharing some of the pictures taken when I was in Labuan.. ;) The food was nice too!





It's about time

Yes, it's about time for me to re-organised my digital room. So, I might going to sell my laptop real soon. After manage to sold it, I will use the money to buy a robot, something that may help me to wash my shirts, help me to edit my video, look after the rendering process and maybe help me blogging. Alright, it may possible but seriously, I'm talking crap here except about the soon to be sell laptop. Most probably, I will be selling my 16GB psp too. If you interested, ready your bid now.

By the way, I play with some colors today. Just testing out the color and some mixture in the photos. I heart the model. Thanks for everything! Who can accompany me to look for 320GB external hard disk? I need to back up my data from this laptop before I sell it. :)

April & Amuzo

April & Amuzo

Friday, March 12, 2010

Macam Belatuk..

My head.. are spinning.. the weather here is hot as KK.. Urgh..

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Suicide note?

I'm leaving KK tomorrow.

My royal 11am friends.. :D Take care when I'm away!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I need to go out.. again..

Let me out please! Pick me up and hang me please.

Normal sunset

another gambar lama..

I am still in love with him

He appear again into my life. Finally I heard him. He has been accompany me this few days, and I really really appreciate the patient of be-with-me although I am very busy with my own task this few days. The world seems to be upside down lately and his appearance has made my life more colorful, the emptyness filled up with lots of smile and I found the empty space is filled up with life again. I know, it is not right for me to have him. But, I do have feeling especially when I need those support and ticklish moment.
It's not I cannot stay alone or survive with my ownself, he know I'm tough as a rock and stubborn like dirt mud as well. Indeed, I'm still a girl who love to be pampered and yes, I'm still a woman. The complicated one with heart that need attention to cure the sadness of being busy and struggling to be alive because I want to be busy to forget the feeling of being lonely. Last night he smile at me, and I sleep quite late. Probably my sleeping time often change and that's the reason I cannot sleep early anymore. I hope he will ask me to sleep with him, and dream of him everynight. Just like my first love on him.
I'm thinking of going out for a trip with him this month. Hope everything will turn okay. Dear Jesus, I love you so much. Please take care of my family and friends because I think I have neglected them quite long and I always ended answering their invitation of going out with the word busy. I'm very sorry, I could I have much time and I really really want to hang out with all of them especially my loved ones.

Kemaman Terengganu

Old picture of myself, I grab from my Flick account.. I miss them as well..

Monday, March 8, 2010


In a conversation through YM which answer my question of "lapar.. mari pigi makan?"

"kasi kurang berat badan. gluttony tu 1 of the deadly sins"

So, I google out the word gluttony as "Define: Gluttony" and found of the definition was "Gluttony is a novel in The Seven Deadly Sins series by Robin Wasserman." Then.. I google "The Seven Deadly Sins series by Robin Wasserman." again. And caught this link.. It tells about.. Seven Deadly Sins..Seven sins..Seven books..Seven teens.. And I think I missed the library and the book store.. The books seems interesting.. Anyone of you have these books? Can I borrow from you? *Wink* By the way, I'm still going out to have my lunch.

Sleeping Mode

Thank you so much!

The opening is done, and we still need your support on the recent Cahaya Bridal opened in Tanjung Aru, I woul like to say thank you to all who involved in this event, being part of Cahaya Bridal, we are very happy with your co-operation and all the hard work and sleeping debt that happen upon preparing for the event. I also want to congratulations to Cahaya Bridal and Gallery on the new opening branch in Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Who want to look for special event, need better gowns, plan to married, feel free to drop by Tanjung Aru and book your gown!

As part of Pixelayer, we are very happy and relief after the opening. So, we want to convey this message to Merl as he not able to join us on the preparation for the bridal opening. He was sick and I hope he is getting better. Probably the hentai hero is not really a hero.. only.. TSM.. Tembirang Si Merl. :p Happy Working everyone.
Playing with Silhouette
Love, XOXO.. ;)

Friday, March 5, 2010

An Invitation to Cahaya Bridal & Gallery 2

bridal,kk,kota kinabalu,wedding,gown,bride,groom

Dear friends and family~

After all the hardwork and sweat on preparation and other arrangement going through, I would like to invite you to Cahaya Bridal & Gallery 2 opening ceremony this Sunday, 7th March 2010, 11.30 am at Tanjung Aru, Plaza, Kota Kinabalu Sabah. There will be a gift door for the early bird, fashion show, cultural dance, luncheon and many more awaits you. Please support us and hope to see you there! ;)

bridal,kk,kota kinabalu,wedding,gown,bride,groom

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Am I Complicated?

I read through people blogs, and some of their posting were quite good. Neat and systematically I enjoy reading it like the step-by-step method. Is it because I'm not good in literature or physically not born with it? Or, I question myself too much where I'm not suppose to ask so much question and make it other people confused with myself? (Whereby, I did ask a lot of question already) Or maybe I'm a technical person? Urgh. My better half often ask me to be 'ayu²' kind of thing, and I guess I disappoints him several times with my roaring laugh. I laugh worse than a monkey, better than a pig but I never felt I laugh in good manner. Other thing, I walk like a green monster with a nice butt. How am I going to walk like a cat with a body like a giant ogre? NO way. Sigh. I need therapy right now. Sauna? SPA? Free stuff? Thank you?

Monday, March 1, 2010

10 things I hate about myself?

1) Addicted to the internet

2) Lack of sleep

3) Never rest

4) Forgetful

5) Hardcore laugher

6) Art freak

7) Diet disorder

8) Not healthy

9) Bad in time management

10) I had to admit that I lie to all the above, actually I love all about myself and all around me, thanks to God I have a friend like you. Bitter sweet? Nah, it’s just life.

DSC_0471 I had a really tiring but great weekend with the preparation of new branch of Cahaya Bridal at Tanjung Aru Plaza, Kota Kinabalu (currently have one in Kota Marudu) :D Cahaya Bridal will have their grand opening this Sunday, 7th of March 2010 at Tanjung Aru Plaza. Time will be advise later, meanwhile, will post some of the photos we took. ;) Have a great week-DAYS ahead. :D

* I had a very good time with all the bloggers cum photographers? gathering at Lembah Impian last Saturday too~ ;) Thanks to Daniel and Emelda for the great evening.