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Monday, March 8, 2010


In a conversation through YM which answer my question of "lapar.. mari pigi makan?"

"kasi kurang berat badan. gluttony tu 1 of the deadly sins"

So, I google out the word gluttony as "Define: Gluttony" and found of the definition was "Gluttony is a novel in The Seven Deadly Sins series by Robin Wasserman." Then.. I google "The Seven Deadly Sins series by Robin Wasserman." again. And caught this link.. It tells about.. Seven Deadly Sins..Seven sins..Seven books..Seven teens.. And I think I missed the library and the book store.. The books seems interesting.. Anyone of you have these books? Can I borrow from you? *Wink* By the way, I'm still going out to have my lunch.

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Uncle Greg said...

buli tu kasi kurang ... i know you can sumua urang buli ... yang penting dan important ... disiplin ... ceh macam sia berdisiplin jak hehehe

bah try la good luck Girl

AmuzoKing said...

hoi~~ jan kasi main2 tu makanan bha~!!~ kalau ko inda mau ..sini sa makan~!~ haha~!!~

kuai said...

hahaha.. napa post kita sama neh..

SJB said...

Good for you :D