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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm not lazy I just don't have much time

color me
Color me if you care..

I'm not creating excuses, but I really really do not have much time for editing photos. I'm very sorry if I made u disappointed. I just prefer whatever comes out from my camera because it saves more time, so I can just upload it. Maybe a bit of editing like resize it would be fine - I have no problem because I already make it into 1 action through Photoshop.

He is Clifford Jeffrey :)
Canon Monster

I caught the sun again yesterday with Cliff the Canon Shutter who ended learning silhouette and turn to be my model. Thanks for everything and sorry I could not share a lot of photography stuff yesterday. Looking forward for next session though.

Sun Again
I'm glad to see the sun and clouds again here..

Again, my digital room might face some problem after my laptop sold. I'm back to kg to take my laptop boxes and all the stuff from the first time I bought with the laptop. I will say goodbye to my HP TX series this Saturday and all the memories with this laptop will remain in my heart.

He will get his new master soon.. :)


Cath J said...

oh wow.. the lappy screen can turn some more?? wow...

maslight said...

I sometimes were just too lazy to include the watermark. But forced myself to do so. XD And I got a really slow pc at home *sigh I need to get myself a new laptop.

Girllyen 'TM' said...

Hi cath.. yes..i bought somewhere august 2008.. and sold it with the price of RM2100 to my friend..
Maslight.. u just put in 1 action, with one click, it will tada~ Done. so easy one.. ;D

SJB said...

Love the pictures.