It's about time

Yes, it's about time for me to re-organised my digital room. So, I might going to sell my laptop real soon. After manage to sold it, I will use the money to buy a robot, something that may help me to wash my shirts, help me to edit my video, look after the rendering process and maybe help me blogging. Alright, it may possible but seriously, I'm talking crap here except about the soon to be sell laptop. Most probably, I will be selling my 16GB psp too. If you interested, ready your bid now.

By the way, I play with some colors today. Just testing out the color and some mixture in the photos. I heart the model. Thanks for everything! Who can accompany me to look for 320GB external hard disk? I need to back up my data from this laptop before I sell it. :)

April & Amuzo

April & Amuzo