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Friday, April 30, 2010

This is an update

Sorry guys.. It's been like WARGH!!! I didnt update my blog. So poor with photos and lack of texts right? Bah, ni kali laa sya kasi suap dengan gambar gambar yang boleh memuntahkan diri anda dan juga menghangkan page ini. For the time being, some preview first.

Happy wedding Ees

Attended Ees & Richard Wedding in March - Congrats~

The fun we had during tea break

Successfully organised out first Outing on 18th April 2010 - Outing with Pixelayer & Friends

Night boat

Another night photos :D taken on 19th April 2010

Eh? Ni saja? Ya.. Banyak lagi at my flickr :D

Monday, April 26, 2010

Semalam yang pergi

Hari ini kerja.

*big grin*

Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm going to hell with hands in my pocket

This is a bad sign. Call the ambulance! I received a letter to inform that I must give all my money before 01/05/2010. Is it the end of the world? Should I be panic or call 999? Or 911? Or 944? 1010? Or sms Sunyi to 32999? Hold on. Why should I give them my money? I work so hard and now I had to give them my money. This is a crime. Maybe I over reacting. Let me calm down and start all over again. All right?

All right?

The salary goes into my bank last few days. Yesterday, I received one mail from Lady Gaga, not Lady Gaga, Gaga only, he hand over some letter to me. There are small envelope, big envelope, and no envelope at all. I open those with envelope first, because those are good news (normally) and last with no envelope. What's inside? No cash. They say, I should start paying my 1st installment for my house. What's attack me was the amount with 4 digits. What the.

How to look for the 4 digits before 1/05/2010? It’s kinda shock but I have no choice but to sell out some of my gadgets in order to clear this thing out. Therefore, I will sell my ultimate Sony PSP original where I seldom use, PSP 3006 with 16GB memory, 2 UMD, and if there someone out there who willing to buy from me with RM1500, I would be happy and I can promise you that this PSP is under excellent condition as I only put MP3 inside it. You may start installing some games from our local store. I will update on the item in my next post. Meanwhile, please spread this.

Monday, April 19, 2010

FB Housekeeping

My FB full? Uhuhu.. Sedih.. me delete lah some of the friends ok? Sorry..

Msg FB

First.. I tak berapa faham.. and.. then... owh.. maybe sebab ini..

Friend request

i dont think so.. maybe yang ini juga kan??


Please accept my apology.. i have to delete some of the list.. for example those profile which under company name..

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Day with Pixelayer and Friends Event


This will be the first official Pixelayer outing with friends to promote friendship and to help each other. Please share this excited day out with Pixelayer and Friends.

We would like to invite all of you no matter DSLR user or compact user, videographers or painters, and good news to modelling enthusiast who want to improve their poses. Feel the excitement and register with us before 12th of April 2010 (extended to 15th April 2010) for us to arrange with the meals & beverages. Since there is a limitation on the participation, we need your co-operation to bank in your RM20 to us before or on the dateline to book yourself in this event. There will be a group competition and mysterious gift to be won! Kindly refer below details for your reference.

When: 18 April, 2010. (Sunday)
Where: Tuaran, Sabah, East Malaysia.
Time: 0830 - 1830 hrs.
Fees: RM20 only

Agenda: Open photography, from macro to portrait, street to urban, vivid to black and white.
Transportation: Not provided

Tentative Program:
08:25 am: Participants Arrival (Meeting point: Dewan Masyarakat, Tuaran)
08:30 am: Registration & Light refreshment provided
08:40 am: Safety briefing & welcoming speech from Pixelayer Team
08:45 am: Grouping & ice breaking session
09:00 am: Photo hunting begin after photo group taken (each group will be given different location, map will be provided in case you are not familiar with Tuaran area)
11:00 am: Lunch (Meeting point: Medan Selera, Tuaran)
12:30 am: Back to Dewan Masyarakat, Tuaran
01:00 pm: Heading to Padang Lumba Kuda, Kg. Tambalang, Tuaran (Convoy)
01:30 pm: Photo hunting begin after group photo
03:00 pm: Meeting at Car Park
03:30 pm: Heading to Transit D’Dalit for Tea Break.
04:30 pm: Heading to Rasa Ria Resort, Tuaran.
05:30 pm: Sunset Hunting & Group Photo
06:30 pm: Prizes for best group & until we meet again J

Thank you for all the support upon us and Pixelayer couldn't have made it without you. If you are interested, please send your details as below to or you may drop us a message if you are not clear about the event. Don’t worry all your details will be safe with us. We hate spammers too!

Copy & send us your details as per below at and we will advise you the account number in order for you to bank in RM20 and book your name in.
Contact no:
I am a: Photographer/videographer/model/artists/lomographer/etc
Camera brand:
Other concern: In case you want to leave early from the event or other opinion on the event

*Thank you for those who already booked their participation and looking forward for this Sunday event. Extra information that you should know, there will be one special guest who fly all the way from Kuala Lumpur particularly for this event with loads of years experience to share in Film & Photography that you should not missed and the most excited part is after this day out activity, all the participants will be given a chance to win 'A Day with Pixelayer & Friends' T-shirt! How to win this competition? Easy as ABC.

a) Participate in "A Day with Pixelayer & Friends"
b) Only participants can pick their best photos on "A Day with Pixelayer & Friends" and publish it according to category given at "Pixelayer Photography & Media Group" for voting.
c) At the end of 15 days, the highest 'Likes' and comment will get a T-shirt of "A Day with Pixelayer & Friends" courtesy of Pixelayer Photography & Media team.


Some ask me what had happen to my posting lately? No idea to post or am I stop sharing? Well, unknown destructive creatures have attacked my life. I name them as stress, jealousy and hatred. Most people will fail to overcome this attacked. In the name of God, I believe I will get this through and start a new life no matter how many times I already start creating a new life. It is the sign of never give up to the alien name as Life. Everybody is talking about time and money nowadays. Most of them are complaining about their job. Major excuse, not enough pay. If you do not like what you doing now, quit, do something better about it. Do not ruin future with dissatisfaction feeling. This kind of feeling will not help you to earn more than what you deserved to have.

During the interview, you told them you are willing to do this, to do that and but why you keep complaining after you get the job? One of my friend told me, if I feel not happy with my job, do something else. Something else can be part time job, outdoor business strategy or consultation training if you had enough of this requirement. Frankly, I love my job, my career, though I never highlight this before. However, I also love Photography, other business that will add up my savings for the future. Well, I have put myself into one good business so far. It goes well as everybody is supporting.

You must be confused with what I have said. Well, ignore it. I am so confused at the moment.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Malawa Court

Sedih. 1 bulan yang lalu, my mom ask me to complain about the floor that has an empty sound underneath some of the tiles before I moved in as I am so busy to arrange with the management at Malawa Court Apartment. She keep asking on have I made the complain or not until she cannot tahan with me, she went there and ask them to proceed with the repairing work. They say, if we want it faster they had to use different tiles. My mum agree with it and hope the work can be done fast. Last week, she went to check my house, they have not doing anything and told my mom that the issue as 'tiada apa apa ba tu', but it we still put on concern how long could the tiles hold on with empty in it? Maybe ya lah.. now they can say 'tiada apa apa ba tu', but after a while or maybe few months later it's broke, what answer that we will expect? 'Biasalah sudah lama? Tiada apa apa ba ni kalau tidak kena kacau? I pay thousands and they expect we just accept what's left ka? I disagree with the 'tiada apa apa' issue and let my mom tu make sure that they will do the job.
Tadi, I went there again face to face ask them the progress. Still nothing. So pathetic. They like delaying things and still answer me the same statement. 'Tiada apa apa ba tu' This is the culture that we always have and it is not a good sign. Can we just proceed to fix it rather than saying tiada apa apa? Sigh. I hope Bina Puri will look into it, if they need a proper black and white. Alright, I will do it tonight and send to them accordingly. I just hope they can understand the situation and put a little concern on it.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April & Amuzo Again? :D

Just preview for those who deactivated their account through FB ;)