I'm going to hell with hands in my pocket

This is a bad sign. Call the ambulance! I received a letter to inform that I must give all my money before 01/05/2010. Is it the end of the world? Should I be panic or call 999? Or 911? Or 944? 1010? Or sms Sunyi to 32999? Hold on. Why should I give them my money? I work so hard and now I had to give them my money. This is a crime. Maybe I over reacting. Let me calm down and start all over again. All right?

All right?

The salary goes into my bank last few days. Yesterday, I received one mail from Lady Gaga, not Lady Gaga, Gaga only, he hand over some letter to me. There are small envelope, big envelope, and no envelope at all. I open those with envelope first, because those are good news (normally) and last with no envelope. What's inside? No cash. They say, I should start paying my 1st installment for my house. What's attack me was the amount with 4 digits. What the.

How to look for the 4 digits before 1/05/2010? It’s kinda shock but I have no choice but to sell out some of my gadgets in order to clear this thing out. Therefore, I will sell my ultimate Sony PSP original where I seldom use, PSP 3006 with 16GB memory, 2 UMD, and if there someone out there who willing to buy from me with RM1500, I would be happy and I can promise you that this PSP is under excellent condition as I only put MP3 inside it. You may start installing some games from our local store. I will update on the item in my next post. Meanwhile, please spread this.