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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nikon Photography & Birding Workshop 2010


Last week, I have attended the Nikon Photography & Birding workshop held in Kundasang, Ranau Sabah. It was a 3 days and 2 night workshop. FYI, I never attend other photography workshop rather than Nikon. It's about trust and I believe Nikon is the best gear not to say others is not good. Nikon just suit me very well and I am happy with it. Video attached is the preview of our activity during the workshop. Hope you all enjoy the video and I'm looking forward for the next workshop. :)


Mell (tsm4) said...

Thanks for the video, girl. now i knew what i have missed. :(

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(nikon card? pingsan)

cicak said...

Totally missed it!

And I heard the next one will be held in Sukau? Adoi jauh tuu.. (compared to 'Kinabalu Park')

Punya siuk kamurang :D

SJB said...

Best oh. Ya saya pun mahu.

Girllyen 'TM' said...

Mell.. byk sangat.. :D Well.. we are trying to make another outing eh.. we? hahaha..

Cicak.. tu la ko.. baru RM200 baitu.. belajar nama burung.. belajar bawa tripod.. sya rasa macam ni workshop bernilai RM1k oo..

SJB.. it was seriously fun~