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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wake up human

Did I ever post any *** here? I mean.. a 3 star movie? No right? WEll, i will never post it. I just want to show something which I found in my memory card earlier. I think this photo is quite sharp and I didn't expect the light that reflect the water could make a good panoramic view. I cropped and wala~

Starry starry night

This photo is about the light that shines and secure the sea. The trees under the moonlight shows the mystery of the night. The light are coming from the Navy base in Sapangar Bay, beneath the water there is a submarine. I always come to this spot because I found out the light from the ship which shines the sea quite amazing in the night, while I only can see a huge of trash everywhere during the daylight. How long would it takes for us to capture a good photo as well during the daylight? All I get is only like this..

Almost dry

What are you looking for?

No more fresh water

It's everywhere
I wonder.. where will the fish go..


Kris and Nadia said...

Astaga, merosakkan pemandangan betul la tu sampah sarap..huhu...

JIPP said...

erkkk! Sampah. The jambatan seems like the one the featured on TV3 recently with a family of PTIs staying underneath it. Human stupidity. So sad.

cicak said...

nice pics skali nampak tu sampah trus haiyaaaaaaaaa....

harap2 ada la insan yang tergerak nampak ni. mana buli ambil gmbr santik2 suda kalau ada sampah kan.

ui kalau teda aral jumpa 24th photowalk tu ah :)

Nivlrem said...

kekeke if sa jawab tu "I wonder.. where will the fish go.." by "to our dinner plate", mungkin sa bulih manang kempen kesihatan ni kan?