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Friday, August 27, 2010

The shuttle whisper


The badminton result.

1) Honestly, no body aching.
2) I didn't reduce any kilos.
3) I eat so much.
4) I drink so much
5) Had a very good night sleep - no back ache
6) No dream, nothing
7) Scold by the boss because my time management was really bad few days ago. Too much datelines has not been submitted yet. Sorry boss..
8) Go for jogging today and Sunset shooting - if not raining. ;)

*I have wedding assignment tomorrow, if you see me, don't forget to smile! ;)


helfis said...

i see u..^_____^smile...

cicak said...

mo balik-balik pigi mangkali tu Girl. baru ok.

u know what, i'm now afraid of these things. sbb ada kan urg yg 'tia pernah' exercise, tiba-tiba pigi main bola la badminton la trus kojol ni di tengah padang O___o


SJB said...

Suka juga kau main badminton.

mustaffa aziz said...

Wah....nice pic. Ini mesti pakai itu lens baru!