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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Last day in Bali and KL, hello KK!

Ngurah Rai
Goodbye Bali..

This is the reason why I dont like to waste time because in the nick of time I have to leave all my days in Bali and back to my hometown again. 4 days and 4 nights in Bali is not enough for me. How I wish I could take 1 month leave and spend a month in Bali and explore every part of Bali. I love Bali more than Singapore, but my hometown always the best place ever.

Wake up at 3am, the Tune Hotel transporter was waiting for me at 3.30am, checked out and arrived Ngurah Rai airport before Merl's group. The airport was so silence, and I can't see any shops or counter open. There was AirAsia counter half open but only few staff with red suit inside, probably they just about to open the counter. Not really, they close the counter after half an hour.

In Malaysia, the Air Asia counter open really early, so I don't surprise most of the Malaysian were panic when the counter has already closed even 2 hours before the departure. I saw some of the foreigner sleeps at the airport floor and personally I love to sleep at the airport but have to bare with your own safety after all. The check-in counter open about 4.30am. Reminder: please print our your itinerary or your ticket before you check in at Bali, they want to see it on a paper.

QZ AirAsia
Safely Reach KL

The airport were hot because the air-condition was off. We had to fan ourself using anything that can produce air and waiting at departure hall. Boarding time around 05:30am, after the guest assistant collect our tickets, I saw Air Asia BUS, I entered the bus and look at people faces. Don't panic, they only pick us up and send up the plane hub and we get up the plane safely. The hospitality in QZ8391 were great. The stewardess also so pretty! For your information, Bali and Malaysia time are same. No difference in our time. No need to change your watch. Arrive Kuala Lumpur at 8:30am, early than expected. Take our bag in luggage collection area then I head to Coffee Bean. Had 1 Black Forest Mocha (regular) with cream and 1 scone (RM15.60+Rm4.60= RM20.20) Don't ask, I don't like to waste money but for food anything can happen.

Day in Putrajaya
Last day in KL

While Merl's group head to KL, I enjoy my meals and wait for Mus. Around 10am, he arrived and let me sit inside his luxury car. He brought me around Putrajaya and had his breakfast and my lunch at Nando's Putrajaya. After that, we went to Lowyat Plaza passed the SMART tunnel. Back to the airport around 2pm and had some drinks with him at MarryBrown before check in and enter the departure hall. I left Kuala Lumpur at about 1730 hrs and reach Kota Kinabalu 2000 hrs.
Heading KK

Sebastian fetch me up on that night and we drop at Tg. Aru plaza to share on my experience and the excitement of joyful trip. Around 9pm, we left Tg. Aru and head to Padang Merdeka to catch fireworks in conjuction of Malaysia Day held in KK. Unfortunately, as we walk up to the field, all the fireworks already fired up. Boom bang and a little frustration in my heart but Bali always in my mind.
Malaysia Day

Fireworks gone, but friendship still remain. Sebastian, Laine, Danial, Pakcik Stan and I meet up at Restaurant Seri Selera if I'm not mistaken at Kg. Air near Sedco. Share a big plate of mee goreng tuaran, nasi goreng and 2 other dishes from Hua Hing Seafood Restaurant. All cost RM89 (Beverages: RM20, Foods: RM69) for 5 persons. Average food price for KK. About 11pm, dinner done, story done, sleepy head come. Arrived home safely and sleep about 2pm. Tired and back to work the next day.
Hari Malaysia

Friday, September 17, 2010

3rd Day in Bali

Good morning Soka people
A day with Pak Made

Wake up at 8am, yes, I missed the sunrise. Ha.Ha.Ha. Never mind, I will come again next year. *crossed finger* Wash my face with the cold water from Soka Restaurant & Bungalow, pick up my tripod and head to the beach. The sky was so blue, the sea was yummy. *Hungry due to no dinner the night before*.

Rice Terrace next to Soka Indah
Rice Terrace next to Soka Indah Beach

The hills that I was talking about

It was the best vacation so far. I take a very deep breath and head to the rocky beach at my left hand side, the place where I get to know Pak Wawan. I was searching for him, but couldn't find him, probably he went out for fishing. Lucky, Pak Tmade was there and brought me around. Not just around, from the beach, passed the rice terrace, and went uphill! No one know how I felt that time. Thank God I'm still alive and stand a change to see all this places. After a long morning walk, my stomach couldn't stand much and craving for foods!

There should be a breakfast provided by Soka Restaurant & Bungalow, but I thought it would be great if I could taste any of the local food around the village. So I request Pak Tmade, whether their village have some Warung Makan - small outdoor restaurant. He brought me to the nearest warung and had Nasi Goreng Ayam (white rice with fried chicken), if in Malaysia, Nasi Goreng Ayam is the rice fried together with the chicken. :) Time fly very fast and it's time for me to check out from Soka. I checked out just in time. 12pm on the dot.

Nasi Goreng Ayam
Pak Tmade treat's - Thank you so much!

Bus from Soka to Ubung
Waiting for the bus

In the bus
In the bus

Pak Tmade accompany me to the roadside and wait for Gilimanuk - Denpasar bus. This bus only cost 20,000 from Soka up to Ubung. We wait about 30minutes and got into the bus. It was full and I have to stand up about 10minutes. I seldom ride a bus so it's fun when you travelling with bus. I reach Ubung about 2pm and charter a bemo straight to double six at Legian with 50,000. I believe you can get cheaper if you really want to. Arrived about 2.45pm and checked myself in to Tune Hotel Legian-Kuta Double six with RM69.00 per night, a room with fan and lights and hot/cold shower.


Tune Hotel Double Six
Tune Hotel


I took a cold shower and prepare myself to the Kuta beach, to meet Merl, Fanny, Roland, Danny, Grace and husband. I thought to take a walk, but I text Pak Made if he was around the area, luckily he's only a few miles from my place so I take his ride up to Kuta. Reach Kuta, nothing much. Busy, and too crowded. Triple-B, Beach, Bikinis and Boobs everywhere. Nothing much, but beware for the hot beach boys or the gorgeous surfer. After the sunset, I walk from Kuta up to double six. Trying to reach the place even though I don't have any map on my hand. Just follow my instinct, and by the time I want to give up, I saw the Tune Hotel signboard and again, Pak Made saw me and give me a ride from the junction up to the hotel which only 5 minute more to walk.

Kuta Beach

I reach the hotel at 8.30pm and went out again to look for some souvenir to bring back home. As I walk and look over some of the shop which still open, I didn't realized that I reach seminyak and saw the Bintang supermarket. They sell quite a number of souvenir in bulk, I bought my stuff and head back to the hotel. Sleep at almost 12am. Tired yet hard to leave Bali.

kuta-legian at night
Legian-Kuta at Night

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2nd Day at Bali

Jati Homestay
Jati Homestay
The second day of Bali, I wake up with a smile in my face. Not that I'm going crazy but I love the cold air in the morning, and the air freshness from Jati Homestay area. Imagine sleeping with windows open and no mosquitoes bites. Maybe I snore at night, I am sorry if I did that but staying in Jati Homestay was like halfway to heaven. I had my breakfast and checked out at 10am, continue my journey to the next location. With help of Putu Edi Sastra of Jati Homestay, I managed to meet Pak Wayan (I Wayan Wijaya, +62 085 739 205 844) for next journey.

Our first stop was the Taman Ayun, Mengwi, built by I Gusti Agung Anom, the founder of the Mengwi kingdom, a powerful kingdom in the district of Mengwi. Then go to Tanah Lot for a few photos, then drop by to have another portion of babi guling again. After that, about 1 hour to Soka Indah Restaurant & Bungalow, where I stayed for the 3rd night.

Taman Ayun
Taman Ayun

On the way to Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot
Tanah Lot

Babi Guling
Babi Guling Again

I reach Soka Indah about 3pm, checked in and prepare myself for a beach walk. I saw a good spot for slow shutter shots, while composing my photos, I found that I was lost because of the beautiful scenery at the beach. Although the sand is not clear as Kuta Beach, but the mixture of the white and black sandy creates a sparkling beach. As I was enjoying the view, an old man come to me and greetings with smile. He is known as Pak Wawan. He told me about the interesting places around and told me that he will bring me to go around the next day. It was a very good chat but it suddenly raining, and I had to go back to my room and hope to see the sunset there. There was sunset, but blocked by the heavy clouds.

Soka Indah
Soka Indah Restaurant & Bungalow

Soka Beach
Soka Beach

Thank you for the hospitality of Soka people.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1st Day in Bali

Dana Guesthouse
Dana Guesthouse Bali

Had my breakfast at Dana Guesthouse, Bali, and then go tour with Pak Made (I Kadek Sudiarta/Made - +62 081 353 387 544), a taxi driver and also did tour service, thanks to Dana Guesthouse for recommended him as my taxi driver for the day, he is so helpful and easy to communicate with my Jakarta accent. Hahah.. Bali people look at me as local.

monkey forest
Monkey Forest of Padangtegal

Our first destination was the Monkey Forest of Padangtegal (entry fee: 20,000 rp) located at Ubud, it is a sacred place with lots of monkey around, you may buy some of their food outside to feed them but be careful as monkey can be dangerous to human. Then we Tegallantang Rice Terrace before head up to Kintamani a place like Kundasang, cold, lots of fresh fruits, with the vast Batur Caldera with Mount Batur and Lake Bature viewed from Penelokan. You will experience lots of hawker sells souvenir around this area. I did been offer to get 50,000 rupiah for 6 pieces of T-shirt. However, it was my first day in Bali, and not wish to get stranded at Bali all alone, I refuse to take it.

rice terrace
Tegallantang Rice Terrace


Next, we went to Tirta Empul Tampaksiring at Gianyar (entry fee: 15,000 rp), a holy spring water to cleanse up their body and prayer purposes. Gianyar also famous of their Babi Guling. We went to Pasal Senggol at Gianyar and I taste if one. With one try, I decided to take away another one portion for my dinner later that night. I stay at Jati Homestay on the 2nd night. :)

Tirta Empul Tampaksiring

pasar senggol gianyar
Pasar Senggol Gianyar

around ubud
Around Ubud

*until next post*

Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 3 of Raya - Photo shoot at Putrajaya and Bali at night


I told you I have to wake very early to catch my flight right? Here the funny story, as I was rushing to go out from my house, I left my house key inside my room where I already locked it up! Imagine somebody who trying to broke down her own room early in morning as 4am just to get out of the house? My half awake face turn our panic in the disco. Sweating early in the morning is fine but not by trying to unlock the room door using hammer and knife. It's a history for me. Thank God, I manage to open the door but sorry the door lock. Upon arrival, check up and had McD breakfast. And left KKIA to KLIA. Another history for me, I took KLIA express instead of KLIA transit, so, I go down to KL central, and take KLIA transit and back to Putrajaya again. I waste RM35 + 9.50 - 6.50 = RM38 just like that. Someone (looks like Indian) in the KLIA transit station ask me, am I local, so I say, yes, and then he ask me again, are you from Philippines? Huh? I'm local and in Malaysia, indeed he ask me am I from Philippines?


At Putra Central, Nixie, Henrietta and Masnah fetch me up and straight away go for photo shoot around Putrajaya, it was fun and sunny. Having lunch at Alamanda, Putrajaya and then continue photo shoot again. Around 3pm, we head to LCCT for me to catch my flight again. Not going back to KK, but heading to Bali, Indonesia. Nicole should come with me but she missed her flight and I couldn't say much though I have already booked all the homestay for both of us. I ended doing my Bali trip alone and see if I survived or not this time. I have option to join Merl, Fanny, Roland, Danny, Grace and Husband, but since I have already arrange my own itinerary, I follow my instinct and go alone. Even my seat have no one sit next to me in the flight. Merl & Fann sit next to me after the plane exit door closed. It was cloudy and the plane a bit bumpy and I just have my sleep after a meal cost RM12. We reach Bali around 9PM. We split up after that, the rest head Ubud, I just go to Kerobokan, Kuta with taxi rp. 135,000.00 (RM50), I sleep at Dana Guesthouse, Bali, rp 168,000.00 (RM65), 45 minutes from the Airport.

Photo shoot at Putrajaya

Continue to Bali

Upon reaching Ngurah Rai, Denpasar Bali.

The self journey Begin!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

2nd Day of Raya

There always be a reason why the government let us who are not celebrating the festive season to go for holiday. Of course we are responsible to visit our relatives and friends open house! Personally, I'm so grateful to have so many good friends who really value friendship, no matter how old, what they worked for, as long as they remember who we are, accept how we alive, that's the spirit of friendship I would love to keep. They know how busy you are, and they always understand it. Thank you for being my friend and I'm sorry if some of my words are intentionally hurt your feeling or anything that may goes wrong.

I wake up at 8am, and start doing my laundry, well, I let my washing machine do it. Then make breakfast, hold on, I didn't take my breakfast actually, I just drink a glass of water and wait my laundry done. While waiting, I clean up the house, but halfway I stop because I thought of packing my things up. Where did I go? I have one photoshoot at Putrajaya/Cyberjaya and I have an early flight to catch early in the morning the day after. Finish with my laundry, I dress up and drive to Bert's house. This time, I sit and enjoy the road only.

Our first house, Daniel Nam's house. I just get to know him from the Portrait Train and now we were having lunch in his house. Sedap o itu kuih lapis Sarawak! After that, we head to uncle Micheal house at Kuala Menggatal. Then I head back to KK again to take my car at Bert's house and went to the airport to hand over the tripod from Bert to Grace for Merl. :D I'm thinking of going to Sulaiman's house at Tuaran and Jason's house at Puterajaya, Telipok but thousand apologize as I don't have much time to visit you! *Raya kan sebulan? :D* I reach home about 6.30pm and so sleepy! I thought of lay down a few minutes but ending a few hours sleeping. I woke up at 8.50pm and quickly packed my things up.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

1st Day of Raya :)

This year, I had my raya with friends instead of my relatives. I mean, the 1st day of raya. With relatives, you can always go to their house whenever you wanted but of course need to inform them first lah. I wake up at 8am this morning and had my breakfast and clean up. Mom called me around 10am and ask me to get ready but I told her that I have plan with my friends and ask whether she's free to send me a baju kurung to my house and so she did. Thank you mum, I love you.

Around 11am, I thought of the Resident Evil - After Life [3D] starts today. I went to 1Borneo to wash and let Lynn get it done nicely and booked our ticket for 10.10pm shows. I'm not surprise that the ticket almost sold out during that time, I should booked a day earlier to get the best seat. Nevertheless, I have no option not to take the last 3 rows from the screen.

About 12pm, I drive home and get ready for my 1st raya visit. *ceh.. macam YB YB punya visit saja.. :p* Well, I dress nicely, get into my car and drive heading to City Futsal waiting for Bert, Jimmy and Wife. The clock shows 1.20pm, hot and sunny but it looks like it's going to be rain in the late afternoon. While waiting, I look into my purse and realized that my identity card wasn't there. OMG! I had to rush back home and searching for it. Yes, I'm a person who keep my IC in different compartment and intend to remove it from my purse. I have my purse and drive back to meet them. We reach Sue's house in Kg. Rampayan at 2pm and start makan. :D

girl and sue

Next house was Ezzu house at Taman Frienship, Putatan, I missed her last year Raya but I manage to attend this time. Cinta is growing fast, she can shuffle right now! Who knows she will be the future So You Think You Can Dance winner? Who knows right?


The furthest and the last for the day, Pakcik Stan's house. We get to know each other at Nikon Basic DSLR workshop last year at Promenade Hotel and meet again on our recent outing the Portrait Train. We eat until the food looks a dangerous creature to us. The best part was, the fireworks. I love fireworks though it's dangerous.

pakcik stan house

With stomach full and sleepy eyes, we drive back to KK around 7.30pm. Well, we have movies waiting, personally I feel sad and sorry to Merl as he had headache and couldn't join us just now. The Resident Evil - After Life [3D] made me try to close my eyes and you intend to get dizzy if you not used to watch 3D in front row. Must get the best seat next time. It was awesome 3D movie, you should go and watch it for yourself. I will be going to Jason's house by tomorrow and Danial too. :) Did I missed anyone? :D

rest n go
Sempat lagi Rest and Go.. :D before watch the movie.. :D

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Drop to wish you - Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

mosque likas
It's end of Ramadhan and tomorrow we will celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri. To all muslim friends who celebrating it, wish you all a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and maaf zahir dan batin. To all who balik kampung this year, please keep your journey safe, always check your vehicle before head the road, if you feel sleepy, please have a nap first. To those who lose their loves one, we all know that God loves them more than us, make them a prayer and live on what we still have. Last but not least, thank you for supporting me and my friends on this photography journey. :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Portrait Train - 5th September 2010


Another good day, another outing, another new members. I'm very glad and thankful that we have such a great time outing though I had kept you all waiting on our last outing of Portrait Train at Taman Tun Fuad, Bukit Padang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I hope it's worth the waiting. I want to apologize for the lateness of our arrival, and thank you to other team to be there on time. Here are the photos from my camera, there are another outing this coming Raya and for those who just came back from other state and wish to join, do give me your name and phone number alright? I'm still searching for a place so you all are convenient to join. :) Happy holidays and have a safe journey.

portrait train
Joyful and Merrier - but we do it light and easy as Reena was fasting..

Shep also there! But he pretend to be moo moo~ Betrayer!

Bold and Beautiful - Nelly and Reena

I was trying to explain to Pakcik Stan on How Aperture works..

Everyone is trying to get good angle.. compose well..

It's hot and exposed! hahaha~

jumpa off
Then we go for jumping there and here.. but this is the extra part.. the rest already left.. this is done at Taman Rimba

And the Unduk Ngadau Kota Marudu 2009 is dreaming again for the next outing.. :D

OK.. Jangan jeles ok.. Join again next fun outing..