Review my wish list for this year

It's almost end of February and I can see that I have not achieved a bit of my resolution for this year. Let's see the post and double check here..

1) Time management - I need to improve my company business performance this year. - I had a few projects going on, it's a very time consuming but I did received some complaints too.
2) Saving and travel more places. - Saving? No. Not yet. Travel? Only a few places or I can say area only.
3) Sleep and exercise well - For the few weeks, I had lack of sleep and end up with nil exercise it's never too late - I manage to get some sleeps, but I spend a lot of time on the computer editing photos and monitoring all the graphics and videos stuff.
4) Charity - I just bought 2 lucky draw ticket for the fund raising for hall building under St. John Church Tuaran - No improvement, seeking more. Maybe organised a charity project in April.
5) Buy a BlackBerry Bold 9870 for myself. - Target in March 2011, crossed finger.
6) Visit Miri, Thailand and Philipines? - Miri - target in May, Thailand & Philppines - crossed finger.
7) Target more on wedding shots this year. - early of the year were exhauster - consider successful.
8) Reduce weight! - up and down and the struggling part still on.
9) Be sweet, lovable and simple everyday ;) - I hope I look sweet on my new hair.. ;)


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