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Monday, February 28, 2011

Sabah 101: Tempurung Seaside Lodge

Have you ever heard about Tempurung Seaside Lodge located at Kuala Penyu, Sabah? Probably there are few local Sabahan didn't even know about this resort. Well, I would like to take a little time to share my experience here. I was been given a task to shot the owner's daughter akad nikah held in Beaufort. Hence, I had the chance of staying 2 nites for free in this resort and experience the cozy and peaceful environment. I hope my photos can give you a little of excitement and who knows you might be the next guest who will be staying here? You can contact me on how to get there and the rate of staying here. (Actually my blogging skill is getting worst, I hope you don't mind)

Tempurung Lodge
Tempurung Seaside Lodge from the the Boat House the restaurant

Tempurung Lodge
View from the beach..

Tempurung Lodge
The room that I stayed

The sea wave :)

Another serious photographer :D - Arleen

The sunset that day..

Natashia & Roland
Congratulations to Natashia & Roland :)

P/s: Thanks to Arleen for the ride and I'm looking forward for another trip to this place again!


sHeiLa said...

what? pnya spectacular pula the view at this lodge!

how to get there girl? i meant, from menumbok wayka or binsuluk ka?

gunsirit said...

Simply amazing..

Girllyen Marcie said...

Sheila: Way to Kuala Penyu.. masuk simpang Bundu batu 4..
Gunsirit: Ya.. cantik oo sana..

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Cantik ni tempat.

David Jr said...

Hey Girllyen, thanks for the link-back and glad to know you visited this lovely place. I think it is one of the best places to get-away from the city. So peaceful and relaxing. Say hi to Arleen!