Telca & Victor - 26 February 2011

This is not an expired post. It just that I don't have time to post it. So here it goes, Telca & Victor preview of their wedding held on 26 Feb 2011 at Bride's reception in Tenghilan. Victor is my cousin and I have a little blood connection with Telca too! Telca remind me of how we know each other. I still remember she worked with Le Meridien before and get to know her from visiting Rumba - Le Meridien Bar & Grill club. She is a happy-go-lucky person and friendly of course! After a few years, I heard she is dating Victor and know more about her background. When she approached me to take shots from her sister wedding I felt grateful and hope she likes my shots. Again, another shots on her wedding day. I couldn't say much but I really enjoyed capturing their best day and wish them a very healthy and wealthy marriage.

At Telca's House

At Victor's house.. :D

telca & victor
Telca's dad giving away her daughter with smile.. I wonder what is her dad told victor..

telca & victor
Wooot~! Careful~

telca & victor
Everybody happy..

telca & victor
They are beautiful!!