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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ronald & Isabella - Pre Wedding

Without realizing it, we almost half of the year. Time flies very high and I wonder why there are some people still sitting down doing nothing and talks about people who have life. Come, I bring you to feel the month of May fever in Sabah. Month of May is the month of glorious, glamorousness and the pride of Harvest Festival in Sabah. All the beauties and sumandaks will gather and support the tradition of Harvest Festival. Google for more info. :D Not only that, the Wedding fever also around the corner. We get the chance to shot Ronald & Isabella pre wedding in 3 different location in a day. Hope you all like it. As usual, I love cute stunt poses.






thanks to Bert & Bicik for lending their camera.. ;) the waterfall photo taken with Nikon D5000 with 10-20mm f3.5/5 sigma lens, while the rest are using Canon 450D with 50mm f1.8 lens.


hElfiS said...

sa terlalu jeles tgk tu gambar...adehhhh

FNK said...

siuk o suasana kampung.. i likey!!

Girllyen Marcie said...

Helfis: Harus!
FNK: Ya~ Shiok! Tapi panas ni.