This is July Update

So busy. No update until further notice. LOL. If you missed the update, you might not follow me at double T*!

*The Double T description ;)

I'm officially twittard! You may follow me @girllyen
The tumbler that missing e! -

What actually made me so busy?Photobucket
Just like this kid. :D - Melangkap River @ Kota Belud - No Celcom line here so I didn't manage to update the double T ;)

Actually I'm lost in the ocean for a few month. LOL.

Then I come back with a new obsession. Check in here via Foursquare ;) SICC - Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre
Climb through the wall of fire, who made the fire? Ask KK Adventure Park

Sky Walking?

And going nuts. :)

Did I blog today? I think I did. Thanks for reading! ;)