Bernard & Catherine Wedding

Another hectic day, there are few lesson to be learn while doing all the madness of busy task. Look for another assistant. Teamwork is important! After the 3rd September, there was no rest for me, 4th September, I had to drive again back to Tenghilan for my cousin wedding meeting, discuss and assign every part of the wedding requirement, I'm giving my best and try to make the wedding almost perfect. I keep forgetting things and thank God there are few parts been saved by the bell. Bernard & Catherine is now called husband and wife. Congratulation on their wedding 10th September 2011, it was the best wedding ever where all my family gathering and dance together at the dance floor. No one know who I felt that day and I felt I'm blessed. Thank you God. Daddy and Bapa Tua, we missed you.

Wedding Day
The Church
Kiss the bride
Cake Cutting
Yam Seng