Climbing Down & Harold & Junko Wedding

Normally, after Mount Kinabalu climb, they will go home, clean up and get rest. Well, this time I made a record for myself, after a suffering climbing down from the mountain, all my nails were injured, I still manage to drive back to KK, send my brother up to Telipok Ria (around 5pm), send his friend to University Apartment and then send the video trailer to Katama reception which held at KDCA, Penampang on 3rd September 2011. After hand over the memory card to Sebastian, I drive back again to Sepangar @ my home (around 6pm), clean up and then drive head to STAR (reach there around 7.30pm already, sorry I'm late), for Harold and Junko's wedding. Thank God I'm still alive. Most of them were shocked but yes, I did attend Harold & Junko's Wedding. Congratulations to both of u! 

Harold & Junko 
 The reception


Our Table that night

Toasting time

  Me & Dani
I'm with Mr Dani ;) 

The Murut Tradition
  The injured nails

The Injured Nails - This is after 3 weeks result