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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Bridesmaid : Locally Made from Sabah

Who ever expect I shot a bridesmaid shots at these place? A few of my friends asked where the hell is this place. This place is the area where the para gliders take off. Maybe not so many people know that Sabah have para gliding area like this. And yes, I'm the first one and the lucky bridesmaid shots their happy photos here. Enjoy the laughter and congrats to Sue Thien on her recent wedding too! ;)

p/s: There are few words I would love to say but I just let the photo explained. ;)

The Bridesmaid

Queen of the day.

joy of the bridesmaid

1 has found his Mr Right

Be Happy


Daniel Chiam said...

Nice... hehe gives me an idea already :D

JIPP said...

Lawa oh umdk. Brilliant idea.

chegu carol said...

hi girl, lama tia dtg sini. beautiful shots and perfect view as well!

Girllyen Marcie said...

thank u all.. the props are made by themselves and the location was picked by me.. and the result was awesome..

alus said...

Loving the view...

Paragliding is on the "wish list to do before i die".

Finger crossed!

beaty said...

oh i love this shot!!!

floyd said...

lovely shots! Awesome concept and location