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Thursday, December 20, 2012


What made today special. It's pay day time. LOL. That's all folks. Happy holiday! Can't wait to see my lovely cousin tomorrow!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Reyno & Lydina Wedding

As we all know, there are few couples celebrating the date of 10.11.12 by tying their knot. One of my schoolmate from SM Teknik Likas also take this date to celebrate their love and start the new life called husband and wife. This time, I work with my Pixelayer team known as Pakcik Stann, the official photographer on that day, and of course I will capture a few moment with them too. The teaser has been uploaded and hope you all enjoy the video and some of the photos taken too. Again, congratulation to Reyno and Lydina. ;)

And here are the video for you view. Thanks for dropping by and have a good day!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Preastie & Julita - Engagement - 20 October 2012

I'm back with blogging and photos update. Thanks for your understanding and patient for all this time. I know I might sound selfish to let you all waiting for all the updates and silent for a quite some time. Probably it's time to have a personal assistant or another few hours in a day for me to get all in time. Kidding. Now I am back with blogging business, if you are hardworking, do put in a few comments at the end of my blog posts.

So where have you been Girllyen? I am still actively taking photos but my main works are videos lately. Despite of all the hardworking memories lost in my stolen external hard disk, I try to move on and here I am like a hero just coming from the battlefield to inspire those who got the same shoes as me. Last month, I attended my so called uncle but younger than my age, engagement. I seldom called him Bino. Bino is one of my mom related blood family and congratulation on his recent engagement on 20 October 2012, a day after he celebrating his birthday. He must be doing it with a purpose? Birthday and getting engage. Cool huh? 

This engagement was done at Ondong's house, or Julieta, Bino's official fiancee now. It took about 10 minutes drive from Bino's house and it is located at Kg Tanjung Torong, Tuaran. I was with with my mom that day but yet I am driving for the whole day. Frankly, I just want to stop typing all this crap, my grammar was horrible and I am terribly feel awful with it. Please accept my apology if you have put so much trouble to fragment my grammar. Let's continue about the main story. The engagement is among the family members and friends, but the crowd is like a basic wedding ceremony and I could say that it is the most happening engagement I ever been. Beside all the supporting family, Bino & Ondong have a very good group of friendship that have been studying together since high school. Probably half of the class attended the engagement and turn to be like our casual friends gathering. A rare group of friendship nowadays. Again, thanks for dropping by, I will try my best to update on what have happening surround me and I am so sorry that I could not post some of the blogs request earlier.


God bless you two! Welcome to our family Ondong! Until we meet again. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Almost Depressed - Data Storage Stolen!

I am losing my patient and I really want my stuff back. On the 5th of September 2012, my colleague and I decide to drop at Salut Commercial Centre KKIP to have dinner after our weekly jogging. It was aruond 7pm and normally I will park my car in front of the shop on a proper parking space before gone for food or drink at any of the shoplot. After finish dinner, my colleague and I head to our car and as I press on my car alarm, I notice that the passenger's car window at the back of driver seat was broke and immediately thought of my bag that contain all my external hard disk that I brought to the office this morning to back up everything! With dissappointment, I call another colleague that was having dinner with me to the nearest police station to log a report on the case. The number report is MENGGATAL/007807/12 and I appreciate Kpl Rosalia for taking my report accordingly, she did mention to me that I can come and report if any information that I would like to add after the report. Frankly, all I can remember that my 4 external hard disk are inside the bag, a pocket album of Cards in which I can't barely remember what kind of all the cards inside there. By this time, I felt that my world are upside down, thanks to my mom and family for giving me hope and my better half to support and pray for my lost. I don't want to lose hope on it and I will never give up on this. I guess my prayer were heard, on the 10th of September 2012, I found out that my American Express have a few transaction on 5th-6th September 2012, I thought I already terminated this card years ago and I have no idea how can it be used by other person. Quickly, I called Maybank and informed them on the fraud on the card and logged another report number MENGGATAL/007971/12 and this time Konst Ismail was the person who take down my report and informed me that Sar. Richard will handle this case. 4 days later, Sar. Richard call me up that they already caught the suspected and will inform if there the status. Today, I text him and ask about it and I was dissappointed to receive his reply as 'Tiada . .'. How I wish some bloggers out there who lives near Tuaran - Inanam have a close eyes on these external HD. Who know somebody try to sell it to you. I hope the police really work until this case closed.

To all my customer out there, please help me to keep on eye on this too. I am sorry for the trouble but I have no other option right now. All the photos/videos/original/back ups are all inside here. Especially for those who have not made their full payment.

My Poor Car

The Missing External Hard Disk

Monday, September 17, 2012

Jr & Audrey Wedding - 15 September 2012

Hello bloggers and friends, I know you will be surprise that after so long I have been missing from the atmosphere of blogging. Days has been tough and time are very limited to me. As you all know, some irresponsible people smashed and break my car window and steal my bag. Inside the bag was all my back ups of photos from the year of 2005 until 5th of September 2012. I have logged a police report on that particular date but until know have no answer from the police on the status of my report. They just informed that the suspect criminal already in their hand on the 13th September 2012. Hopefully the hard disk and other important document are with the police now while they work on the case until it close. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to all of you. Just to share on my recent video shooting, please enjoy the trailer of Jr & Audrey wedding at Kampung Selupoh, Tuaran on 15th September 2012.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

First day in Philippine - 30 May 2012

After so long,here I am again talking about my side of travel junkie.Like usual,no tour,just go. Only this time I'm not alone, Shirley is with me. At the moment, I just done with my shower and sitting on the bed of Belfranlt Hotel located at General Luna Road, 2600 Baguio City, Philippines P1650 (RM119.30) divide by two of us is only P825 (RM59.65) I only can access the wifi at the lobby so I was composing this post earlier before get it publish.

Thanks to mom for sending us up to Terminal 2 airport. With flight of AK6264 via AirAsia, Shirley and I depart from Kota Kinabalu (BKI) around 1350 hours and reach Diosdado Macapagal International Airport at Clark Field, Pampanga for the first time. Upon arriving, we have to fill in the Disembarkation card and customs declaration. Remember to ready your passport and the form that you just fill in to the custom officer. Line up, wait for your turn and always stand behind the yellow lines. These process apply in any airport I have been. As we walk out the airport, we head to take a jeepney but in our pocket the smallest note we have was P500 (RM36.15) conversion of our last money changer rate as P100=RM7.23. So we decided to look for a shop where we could get a smal change. We went to the nearest 7 eleven and buy our first grocery. I bought 1 mineral water 500ml cost P13 (RM0.94), Chicken Embutido P15 (RM1.08) and 90ml Dove Shampoo P67 (RM4.84) which total of P95 (RM6.87) only. We meet a lady name Hanni and guide us way to the bus terminal. Took a jeepney with P8 (RM0.58) to Clark terminal and transfer to another jeepney P8 (RM0.58) up to Angeles City near Mabalacat Terminal known as Dau Terminal. We bought the Smart Prepaid sim pack at Jumbo mall P40 (RM2.90) and load another P100 (RM7.23). While waiting for the bus to Baguio City, I went to the comfort room obviously look like public toilet. To enter you have to pay P5 (RM0.36). You might be a little surprise with the toilet design. The door and the wall are only the height from my foot up to my waist only. Around 7pm, we took the Dagupan Bus to Baguio P356 (RM25.74) and bought the Pork snack P35 (RM2.53) known as Pork Chicaron for our long journey. Arrived Baguio about 12am and again I went to the comfort room but with normal saiz of the toilet P5 (RM0.36). Someone help us send up to the hotel where I should have just walk but it's ok to pay his warm help. P50 (RM3.62). So total spent for Clark-Angeles-Tarlac-Baguio is only P2352 (RM170.05) Now I need to get my sleep. Blogging using iphone apps.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'll be back..

Watch out on new updates soon.. 😊 Construction under progress..