Jr & Audrey Wedding - 15 September 2012

Hello bloggers and friends, I know you will be surprise that after so long I have been missing from the atmosphere of blogging. Days has been tough and time are very limited to me. As you all know, some irresponsible people smashed and break my car window and steal my bag. Inside the bag was all my back ups of photos from the year of 2005 until 5th of September 2012. I have logged a police report on that particular date but until know have no answer from the police on the status of my report. They just informed that the suspect criminal already in their hand on the 13th September 2012. Hopefully the hard disk and other important document are with the police now while they work on the case until it close. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to all of you. Just to share on my recent video shooting, please enjoy the trailer of Jr & Audrey wedding at Kampung Selupoh, Tuaran on 15th September 2012.