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Saturday, October 3, 2015

5 ways to enjoy life

Hi! A few blogger and photo enthusiast have attack me for owing a lot of missing blog post. Good attack I mean, not the rude one. Well, I'm just enjoying my life now, other than enjoying my work, overcome stress with a lot of challenging weird freaky styuff out there, I manage to build a wider network by enjoying life!!! I just can't describe much with words because I'm too happy with all the activities going on. Of course, my son and husband are two beautiful thing that happen to me. Thank God for everything.

So, what's with the 5 ways to enjoy life? This year, I have said that I have a vision to complete, I admit that I manage to get a half of the vision done, but the rest of it I'm afraid I need to postpone it due to some obstacle going on. Well, we know our limits right? So, I choose to change the plan and enjoy living. This post would be a longer version because of the long overdue missing in action me.

1) What actually I'm doing at the moment?
I'm still have my day job, I love my career so much like I love my family. I never complain about it because I met new people everyday and I can see that I'm improving my life in term of relationship, friendship, networking and of course the value of human morality. How good you can be? Or how people can treat you better?

2) Do you still take photographs or video?
Yes! Definitely I am. I'm still taking photograph and video for event like wedding, corporate event and others. Just like the old days but I have not plan any new workshop in nearest date yet. Some did ask me about when is Pixelayer next workshop and are we still together as a team? Of course we are, family never going anywhere without their loved ones. It just that our team also busy with growing toddler and babies. Perhaps you know what I mean.

3) Why you seldom reply email and message in FB?
First of all, I would like to apology for all the message that you have sent to me. Currently I'm based in Labuan and sometime in Miri then back to KK for a while. I don't have time read email because I don't connected to the network all the time. Worst case is my phone battery always drain if I turn my email notification off. Like it only can last for 2 hours. Nevertheless, I'm working on to clear things off. I hope you can understand. If it's urgent, you can whatsapp me at zero one six 8128716 number. That's my active number. Make sure to say hello and your name first to avoid ignorance. This is for security purpose.

Ok, so that's the top question what I always received and hope have answered it clearly. Hehe..

Come back to the title of the post, my 5 ways to enjoy life is about Fun, Family, Food, Fitness and Friendship! Hope you have a great day ahead and I see you at the comment box below.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year 2015

I hope it's not too late to wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year 2015. This year has been a good year for me and of course it's not easy to have such a good life during the downturn of our oil price, as a citizen we are happy of enjoying the fuel price that has been very low this season but nonetheless, there are a lot of friends, colleague who has just get their farewell party by this season, some may have party, some people they just have to leave. So sad but this is what the oil industry is facing right now. As for me, no matter what we face in life, if it's hard I define as Challenge, do not complain, be a survivor, because life is matter of surviving although by the end of our life we actually coming back to the after life story. So, why worry? If life is even, then we could be the most boring creature in the universe. Words.

So how is your Chinese New Year celebration? I hope everything goes well, no one injured during playing the 'badilan' or firecracker as they said. I know there are few people could not make it on the road, end their journey by accident, personally, get up people, please obey the rules and do not speed on the road no matter how fast you want to be at the destination. You could end up regret or killing somebody's mother, father, children. After my move to Labuan in August last year, I have been on the road quite a number of KM and saw a lot of irresponsible people who drives like a monkey on the road. Even the monkey is better than them I think. Frankly speaking, sometime I do irritate with my husband who drives like one too. Then again, it's about your and other people safety, We all should think about it.

I also received a lot of photography quotation request, but from the bottom of my heart, I am very sorry to reject all your request for now as my schedule has already packed with lots of activities and booking! I am very sorry, you can still look for our very talented local photographer through my link here just in case.

To all bloggers out there, I know you have been reading my post, thank you for keep supporting each other even though I have been quite 'busy' for some typing session in this blog. Hahaha. Owh by the way, I just want to update you that I have terminated my UOB credit card which cost me RM5K plus, seriously I regret to keep this plastic card for so long and I have such a relief when I finally manage to clear it off and terminate it immediately *I will talk about this some other time* Thanks to Shaklee for making my life better! Yes, I am a Shaklee Independent Distributor.

**I have a lots of photos to share but have not resize it yet so I will only upload it later when I got time.. haha!
** I'm using YES 4G in Labuan and my device was hanging on the window to get the line connected -- Lame.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Vision Board for 2015

I have been with Shaklee for 1 year and half month now but I never put on my vision board to my blog or any wall. This time, I promise myself to make my life better. Master Norita says, success might not come in first trial, maybe second, third and as the number goes on, just be patient and never stop doing. So I'm going to challenge myself that I could be part of them as well in the future. I love my day job now but I also want to be more healthy with Shaklee and financially earn more wealth in life. Follow my journey on achieving my Vision for the this year. If you interested to be part of our team in Shaklee, do not hesitate to contact me.


Thanks to all the Masters who have inspired us so much in this industry.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

I hope it’s not too late to wish you a happy new year 2015. It has been a very crammed year for 2014 isn’t it? Despite of the missing planes case and crash, natural disaster happens in our country, tragic incidents here and there, I believe there are few sweet memories happen like people get married, get engaged, travelling safely and etc. My 2014 was a little hectic for the first quarter of the year, as I have to struggle on a few mini projects that sometime blowing my mind. Then come to the middle of the year where I get the opportunity of jumping out from my previous job to a new challenge. The offer was very rewarding and after I join the new team, I felt like I have found my long lost friend called ‘self-motivation’. Thanks to my beloved husband who always support and understand my career changes. From land below the wind, I moved to the duty free island to continue my journey of life. I have undergone a few self development training with my current role and get to know a lot of multi cultural social activities as well. Thank God, I’m very optimistic with my new challenge and get a few good colleagues who treat me as their family members. I felt so welcome here. You might wonder what happen to my photography works. Well, there are slightly changes to my packages, especially on the transportation fees. For 2015, I will keep this blog alive again, thanks for your visit and to my loyal readers, thank you so much for keep asking for updates. I know, I’m a bad English student but you can correct my grammar if you want to. LOL! Pray for a good year ahead.